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Category: Digital Signage/Narrowcasting


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Mar 31. Digital Reception Digital Signage/Narrowcasting

Digital Signage Software 2023: Backed by Statistics  

The latest Digital Signage Statistics of 2023 are convincing. Increase sales and improve employee engagement and productivity by implementing digital signage software.

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Mar 25. Digital Signage/Narrowcasting

Castit - interactive digital signage

A narrowcasting system for your screen

Improve hospitality digital signage
Jul 30. Digital Signage/Narrowcasting

Improve hospitality in a digital way

Digital reception brings customer experience to a whole new level

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Feb 3. Digital Signage/Narrowcasting

Digital signage in pubs and bars

Find out about all the different ways you can take advantage of digital signage and take your customer experience to the next level.

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Feb 1. Digital Signage/Narrowcasting

Apps for Castit - Broadcast anything you can imagine, and more!

Integrate anything you can imagine into your digital signage channel with our apps for Castit.

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Jan 22. Digital Signage/Narrowcasting

Castit - Our multifunctional digital signage platform you'll love to use!

The how-to guide on how to create rich, visually appealing signage that speaks to your customers.

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Dec 16. Wayfinding Digital Signage/Narrowcasting

6 advantages of digital signage for indoors

Signage has always played an integral role in buildings, such as large workplaces, healthcare institutions, universities, business centers, etc.

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Dec 16. Digital Signage/Narrowcasting Wayfinding

Benefits of digital signage in schools and universities

Education involves a lot of communication among pupils, students, parents and teachers. Nowadays, the majority of interaction is conducted online. Nevertheless, unimpeded communication still remains vital.

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Dec 15. Digital Signage/Narrowcasting

Narrowcasting: How does it work?

What is narrowcasting? Essentially, narrowcasting stands for the broadcasting of visual content which is used in narrower, more specialized contexts.

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Dec 4. Wayfinding PropCentral Digital Reception Touchscreen Digital Signage/Narrowcasting

Utrecht Newton Business Center

Our property management software used in a modern office environment