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Category: Software Development


feature strategies for acquiring b2b clients survey
Apr 5. Software Development Team Augmentation

Strategies for Acquiring B2B Clients: Findings from an Extensive Survey

In this comprehensive survey analysis, uncover the most effective strategies for acquiring B2B clients. From networking to online advertising, learn how industry leaders tackle client acquisition challenges.

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Feb 10. Software Development

7 Benefits of Custom Employee Management Software vs. Prebuilt Software

Learn about the benefits of custom employee management software over pre-built solutions.

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Dec 30. Team Events Software Development

Future Forward 2022 recap

For the Future Forward 2022 recap, we will walk you through the previous year and look ahead to 2023.

truck wash cover image
Dec 10. Software Development

Truckwash in Niš

Our long-term clients came to visit

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Feb 26. MyTraining app Software Development

Part 4 - The MyTraining App

Effectively work out and get into shape, no personal instructor required!

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Feb 22. MyTraining app Software Development

Part 3 - The ABCs of building a quality workout app


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Feb 5. MyTraining app Software Development

Part 1 - The benefits of working out in a gym

In this article, we want to bring your attention to some of the most important benefits of regular gym workouts and the different ways they can help you improve your lifestyle.

Jan 5. Software Development Case Studies

The ‘Štab’ Project

All the restrictive measures that were taken in order to stop the spread of the Corona virus had a major impact on our social lives.

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Dec 7. Software Development

Jan Snel

Paving the way towards an efficient, eco-friendly paperless office

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Nov 17. Case Studies Software Development

How SPIE Netherlands increased its employee engagement with our Custom Enterprise App