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Software Solutions For Your Business

Everything you need to keep your business smart and digital

It’s simple - your clients will always expect the best from you. You need to be innovative and to offer everything they might need and more. And that means making things easier for your company, too. Software solutions can fix a number of issues and provide a whole new perspective. Plus, your competition is going digital as we speak - what are you waiting for?

We can help you stay on top of your game! We offer our expertise and we are committed to providing the personalized service you need. Feel free to share your ideas and plans, and our team will do its best to implement everything you require in the final product. Let Future Forward extend your team!

Touchscreen solutions

Our interactive touchscreen software guarantees efficiency and customer satisfaction. There are many tasks that can be completed on a digital self-service kiosk - from visitor check-in or giving directions to booking or accessing documents.

With our sustainable solutions, your customers will be provided with all the necessary information and assistance, while your staff will be able to focus on other assignments. Some solutions can be focused on employees only - the choice is yours!

Custom Software Solutions

The best thing about cooperating with us is that you get to be creative! Let us know what your specific needs are and we will do our best to design a custom solution that will be a perfect fit for your company. Let’s put our minds together and make your business smarter!

All you need to do is share your thoughts with us so that we can start brainstorming. We have considerable experience in developing software solutions for clients from different industries, and we would love to add your company to this list.

Team Augmentation

Do you need skilled experts to augment your workforce? Team augmentation offers you the chance to outsource talented developers that you can manage directly. Reduce recruiting time and eliminate additional costs of having in-house employees and try out outstaffing.

Let us find suitable tech talent for your company and give your team a boost. You’ll quickly notice higher productivity and focus. Staff augmentation will change the way your projects are being developed, and we are sure you’ll keep relying on this strategy.

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Touchscreen.nl is the name of our sister website. It's a more specialized version of our own website where we focus on touchscreen technology and the place we use to sell touchscreen hardware and custom developed software. Whether you're looking for a touch table, a big iPad, or a regular android tablet; whether you need custom made software or any of our pre-made customizable solutions, you can find it on touchscreen.nl.

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castit collage cover

Castit - it's the answer to modern communication with the crowds.

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digital reception cover 01

Have you already heard about Digital Reception and all its benefits? Are you trying to transfer your business into the digital age and want to start with a good visitor registration software? Bring the customer experience to a whole new level with our Digital Reception software solution!

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sustainable signage cover

Sustainable Signage is a durable, wireless solution that can show all digital content in your building.

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smart wayfinding cover optimized

If your business is about to switch from analog signage to digital wayfinding, you’ll need Smart Wayfinding. Unlike paper signs, directional signage will guide your visitors through your building in real time. It will keep the visitors informed about where they are and how to get to where they are going.

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Hospitality Portal collage cover

Our property management system - PropCentral - upgrades any facility to a higher, modern level and connects owners, managers, tenants, and visitors of an office building under one, user-friendly community platform.

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Maptomize collage Cover

Maps, maps, everywhere. Your traffic navigation has maps, Google has maps, Microsoft has maps, Apple has maps (fixed), but...

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