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PropCentral - All-in-one Property Management System

Our property management system - PropCentral - upgrades any facility to a higher, modern level and connects owners, managers, tenants, and visitors of an office building under one, user-friendly community platform.


Manage visitors, involve tenants, track digitally

Involve your tenants

Tenants are the most important assets within your asset. Reduce micromanaging their involvement in your building. Give them more control over the things that are important to them.



Book an office
PropCentral allows tenants to easily schedule a meeting and book an appropriate room. Stop worrying if it’s going to be occupied when they and their visitors get there.

Organized documents
Hospitality management solution also means that you can manage all the documents essential for your property. Upload and download documents and reports and share it with anyone you choose.

Support and maintenance
Let your tenants be your eyes and ears. Give them the power to report problems in your building - if you’ve ever filed or received a complaint, you are probably aware of how ticketing works. Light bulb burned out? Let the maintenance know in just a few clicks (or taps).

Food and drinks
Do you have a restaurant near your premise? Share their menu or let them be your catering service! The simple and easy interface lets your tenants choose whether they want catering, pick up or eat-in, so they can source everything they need to host a perfect meeting.

Connected community
Create a group and communicate online. Don’t worry if someone doesn’t show up to a quarterly tenants meeting. The whole community is connected and involved in everything going on, and it’s easy to keep everyone up to date.

Personal assistant
Our app is there to assist your tenants. Push notifications are available for important or urgent updates, and the chatbot with an ever-growing database can only get smarter and better over time.


Manage Visitors

Visitors come and go. By law, you need to know who's in the building at any time. PropCentral removes any friction and adds guidance for your visitors. Make your visitors feel at home and remove everything that's distracting them from doing business.

Welcome your visitors with a personal message. Hook our narrowcasting and wayfinding solution into PropCentral and guide your guests to their destination within the building.

Registered visitors
No, you no longer need to go through sheets of papers or documents to check if the visitor has the appointment. Let the tenants register the guests they’re expecting.

A place to park
Stress-free parking is a benefit few can enjoy today. Our hospitality management solution allows property managers to assign a number of parking spots to a tenant or a company. Each spot can be shared or reserved.

  • One click front desk check-in
  • Self check-in
  • Advance registration by tenants
  • Parking spot reservations
  • Automatic visitor recognition & checking (with parking spots)
  • Automatic Welcoming and Wayfinding


Track energy performance

Temperature, power, people. Your building is seemingly alive with all the energy flowing through it. With a centralized system, PropCentral supports tracking and observing digitally how your building performs and gives insightful analytics and statistics which allow you to be more efficient. Discover what the bottlenecks in your estate are and spread awareness for a greener behavior.

Track and analyze
Our hospitality management solution can track energy usage and analyze the data in real time. Always be aware of your expenses and at the same time help the environment by consuming less energy.


Customizable, expandable, secure

Branded and customized
Our system is scalable and flexible. Design and branding of every feature can be customized. We can adapt to your specific needs and requests and transfer them to other buildings as you grow.

A wide range of integrations
While PropCentral does provide everything a building needs, it requires minimal effort to integrate with your favorite apps or software. The list is getting larger as you read this.

Safe and secure
Safety is our top priority and we have spent countless hours on security improvements. With a dedicated server and data encryption, our hospitality management solution allows no surprises.


This is why we created PropCentral. It comes with:

  1. Parking control
  2. Automatic visitor recognition (through parking)
  3. Manage meetings, rooms, people
  4. Ticket system 
  5. Analytics & statistics
  6. Restaurant & other modules on your disposal
  7. Web access
  8. Native mobile application
  9. Seamless integration with our digital signage platform Castit, Maptomize and visitor POE Nameboards

Contact us for a full feature specification we can offer for your building needs.

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PropCentral - All-in-one Property Management System