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Castit - An interactive digital signage platform

Cast, interact, communicate and lead your audience

Castit - it's the answer to modern communication with the crowds.

Using it you can create digital experiences in 'almost' any form, connect to 'almost' any system, retrieve data and engage with 'almost' any crowd. Yes.


Creating digital experiences

Castit was initially created to make and control your digital signage. Displaying content and information is in its roots, and building interactive digital signage with it is easy and straightforward. But, is it a digital experience?

Yes, because it connects! It leverages the user experience in order to extend beyond digital signage. It can extend into the real world, or onto a website, for example. It allows you to drive the crowds into the information funnels which you create.

Castit uses screens to relay information, so it can be a touch application - running and pulling data in real time from a number of sources, while its 'screen saver' is your digital signage message.


castit sample application integration


You said it can connect to anything?

Castit pulls information and aggregates from more than 3000 sources. It does so in periodic intervals, so the information is constantly being updated without any effort from your side. The information it pulls ranges from weather information on one side of the spectrum to traffic and state information on the other. Its custom integrations pull information from websites & blogs, company news, sport channels, local news, realestate agents & houses, public transportation information, airports, movies, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, Flickr) and calendars. The list goes on and on - you get the picture. Anything that's online and available for communication, Castit can integrate with.

It distributes the information to all its screens and its peers in realtime and caches it in case of connectivity loss. In short, Castit is designed to keep working at all times.


What's with the 'almost any crowd'? Why 'almost'?

Well, your audience consists of people you interact with. They are 'yours'. Castit is a very powerful tool to engage with the masses, but in the end, your content is king.

But don't worry, we've been experts in this field for years now, and we are here to help you in any way we can. This includes interpreting certain critical analytics, numbers as well as the content itself.

castit infographic on integrations and information flow


Sustainable signage

Castit runs on conventional screens as well as our low energy green solutions. These are easily installed via magnetic mount, and require you to recharge batteries once every few months. You can get more info on sustainable signage site.


Why you keep calling it a platform?

Castit is a digital signage platform because of all the connections that it makes

But also because of all the applications that it runs on top. It can be a screensaver or a touch application. The touch application is pulling and refreshing data through the platform, and it is automatically updated through the platform.

Castit is directly connected as a screen solution for digital reception, wayfinding, hospitality solutions and sustainable signage.

That's why the extension of its functionality is both easy and diverse. Running a touch application on top is just one way of doing things. It's also possible to add different layers through a 'second screen', or a screen atop a screen. Let's use the real time connection and build a video game on top of a digital interactive experience or an interactive advertisement that spreads across a video wall, playable in real time on your mobile.

Castit - engage with the crowds!

Check out the video below to find out more.

Technology & software

  • Full SaaS
  • PHP backend
  • HTML5
  • Node.js realtime servers
  • MySQL & MongoDB
  • Micro service architecture
  • NWjs & ES6+


Works on:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Android
  • webOS
  • Tizen OS


Connects with:

  • websites
  • databases
  • anything that is online



  • Interactive digital signage
  • Completly works online
  • Automatic updates & maintainance

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Castit - An interactive digital signage platform