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How We Work

Our 6-Step Software Success Process

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With over 20 years of software development experience, at Future Forward, planning and preparing for your company's future is our top priority, passion, pride, and joy. Because of this, we like to follow a systematic process to ensure we achieve your technology goals and secure your software success. In doing so, we give you the comfort and confidence that each aspect of your project is progressing according to plan.

Here's what you can expect from each step:

Step 1

Contact & Discovery

Before diving right into your project requirements, we want to make sure you're not swimming in a sea of uncertainty. So, be it in-person or virtual, we’ll set up a discovery meeting to introduce our team and capabilities. We’ll tell you all about our experience and explain our expertise to see if Future Forward is a good fit for you. If you’re already ready to get going, let’s schedule a meeting and get you started on Step 1!

Step 2

Defining and Drafting Your Software Design Document

Once we've defined the scope of your project, our technology team will research your requirements and formulate a framework. From there, we’ll draft a tailored-to-you Software Design Document (SDD).

Your SDD serves as a comprehensive map that defines your end-solution goals and plots out the exact steps on how to achieve them. The size of your project will determine how detailed your SDD will be. This step requires attentive collaboration to ensure no project aspects are overlooked.

Please note that because this document is your project’s proposed framework, small changes and adjustments to your SDD are inevitable. Should major alterations be needed, we will ensure both parties understand why, so we can move forward on the same page.

Step 3

Formulating a Financial Agreement

Having worked with countless companies and many models, Future Forward understands the importance of finding a mutual working solution. Based on our experience – and adhering to the best business practices – we found that setting delivery dates for specific project components proves most effective and manageable for both parties involved.

Whether we develop a lean MVP first, work sprint by sprint, or present you with a fixed-price project package, our team guarantees timeous and budget-abiding delivery every step of the way.

Step 4

Design and Development

Within this step, we’ll present you with visual ideas and proposed designs based on your SDD. In the past, our clients have expressed how vital this step was in helping them visualize and discover new project components and considerations they hadn't thought of before.

Be advised that changes and alterations are likely to arise in this step of your project’s process. Should this occur, all proposed changes will be adjusted accordingly in your SDD.

Step 5

Product Testing

Testing is imperative to ensure your project results in fully-functioning software. We’ll test your overall solution – or the sprint we’re currently working on – to determine the operational status of your software. Keep in mind that your budget and the overall mission of your software will determine how many automated tests are required.

More automated testing ensures more predictability, which makes your solution more resilient to bugs. This guarantees the best possible and future-proof outcome for your software upon project completion.

Step 6

Product Approval

After our testing meets the criteria set out in your SSD, we will request your approval on the solution or sprint we’ve delivered. We may also ask you to highlight any possible new requirements or changes you would like implemented.

As this is an iterative process, any additions or alterations will take us back to the Design & Development phase. Once approved, your tailor-made software will be ready to launch for your company and its customers to enjoy.

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And When it Comes to Your Warranty…

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As soon as your custom software solution is live, your warranty period will begin. For a set time, we’ll help find any bugs that may have slipped through the woodwork, and we’ll eliminate them in a very short time at no extra cost.

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Building Your Smart Software Solutions Using Tried and Tested Tech

From Android and Apple, to Typescript, Firebase, Azure, Windows, and everything in between, our technology infrastructure comprises all that is needed to make your smart software solutions as future-proof as possible.

Check out our full tech stack list below:

React Native
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud

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Through tailored software solutions, Future Forward has provided support to various size companies by developing unique and resilient software to suit specific needs. As a result, most of our clients have been our partners for more than two years, many of which exceed half a decade.

We are committed to forming and fortifying long-standing relationships with our clients. We understand the value of continuous conversation and a commitment to developing innovative software solutions for our ever-growing partners.

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