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Sustainable Signage

E-Ink displays with the smart software you need

Sustainable Signage is a durable, wireless solution that can show all digital content in your building.

Our E-Ink touchscreen solutions are environmentally friendly, so your company can have electronic paper displays that are more energy-efficient than LCD or LED.

You can use it to inform employees about scheduled meetings, or show important information to your visitors. Everything is automatically updated through a convenient management system. Sustainable Signage increases flexibility, collaboration, and connectivity.

What it is

It’s a green and cost-effective solution that can replace your printed signage. The user-friendly CMS allows you to adjust your entire content with one click. It can be combined with Smart Wayfinding or Digital Reception, depending on your needs.


Why you need it

Digital signage is proven to be more environmentally friendly than analog signs. Implementing it would help your company promote sustainability, as well as save precious time and reduce unnecessary costs.

You can keep your visitors informed at all times and in every area of your building.

What it can do for you

Digitize your complete signage with a sustainable solution and make optimal use of the space you have. Like our other products, Sustainable Signage can be customized, so you can feel free to share your ideas.

Also, your brand strategy and corporate identity can be included into your Sustainable Signage solution. You will be able to significantly improve customer experience with our user-friendly software! Future Forward helps your company go green while going digital!

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Sustainable Signage