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Find out more about cutting-edge touchscreen technology and custom software solutions that fit your company's requirements!

Touchscreen.nl is the name of our sister website. It's a more specialized version of our own website where we focus on touchscreen technology and the place we use to sell touchscreen hardware and custom developed software. Whether you're looking for a touch table, a big iPad, or a regular android tablet; whether you need custom made software or any of our pre-made customizable solutions, you can find it on touchscreen.nl.


Years of experience

Touchscreen.nl is the result of years of experience in the area of digital communication in the public space, where hardware has played an increasingly important role in addition to traditional software. Today, touchscreen devices come in all shapes and sizes and with a variety of functionalities. It's no longer all about building an interface for the customer who uses the internet, but also in what form and on what hardware that interface is presented on. In addition, the integration with existing systems and additional components also plays a major part. And the starting point always has to be the user.


Our product development strategy

At touchscreen.nl, we don't just sell hardware and software. Our projects go beyond the mere installation of a touchscreen device. What we actually do is listen closely to your needs and take your ideas through all the necessary steps in order to bring them to life. Our approach ensures that you get the right touchscreen implementation for your company, office or retail property. We're with you from the moment you tell us about your idea right to the installation of the final product and provide you with the necessary software and hardware.

The first phase of our development process starts by mapping out your idea. Which technology is the most suitable? What functionalities are desired? What's your existing working method? Does your solution need to be integrated with any existing digital infrastructure? These are just some of the strategic issues we get to work on with clear objectives in mind.

During the prototyping phase, we are involved with concept and design. We examine which software should be applied to which hardware. Governed by the content-first principle, we design some key screens that will provide you with a faithful representation of the software running on the desired touchscreen technology. Next, we test the result with end users in order to validate and improve our designs.

It's important to note that our cooperation doesn't have to end immediately after you receive the final product from us. We can also help you with the maintenance and the periodic updates of the application and the equipment if needed.


The right touchscreen solution for you

Do you have an idea of a concept which involves the use of touchscreen technology? If the answer is 'Yes'you're welcome to visit us at touchscreen.nl. We follow an established process with our touchscreen implementations, which ensures the right combination of hardware and software to make your idea come true. In other words, you get the best that software and hardware can offer to solve your problem.

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