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Benefits of digital signage in schools and universities

Education involves a lot of communication among pupils, students, parents and teachers. Nowadays, the majority of interaction is conducted online. Nevertheless, unimpeded communication still remains vital. So, how do you attract the attention of a generation of students that is always connected and used to electronic means of communication.


Benefits of digital signage in education

Since today’s students prefer electronic communication, digital signage or narrowcasting has become an indispensable tool for schools and universities. Digital signage in education is an efficient and cost-effective method to distribute information between the staff and the students. It helps schools and educational institutions increase engagement and facilitate communication. By utilizing digital signage displays, all parties remain involved, and are kept up to date at all times.


Benefits of digital signage in education:

  • Cost-effective
  • Attracts attention
  • Improves internal communication
  • Promotes engagement


How is digital signage used in schools and universities?

Interactive and easy-to-use signage

Careful signposting has always been vital when it comes to helping students, staff and visitors find their way around a school or a campus. As an educational institution, you want to make sure that everyone can navigate the premises as easily as possible, whether it’s the foreign and freshmen students coming for their first day of school, parents coming to a parent meeting or other people visiting. Digital signage can be very helpful in this regard, because it delivers effective signage and makes any environment significantly easier to navigate.

In addition to digital displays, you can also implement signage that is interactive. An example of this type of signage is a touchscreen kiosk, where students, staff and visitors can request the information they need on their own. For example, students and visitors can easily find the correct route on a digital wayfinding map by scanning a QR code. Interactive signage is a powerful tool that can be used in universities, colleges and campuses.


Spread important information

Digital signage solutions allow you to distribute important information easily. In certain situations, like when the class schedule changes or when the teacher is absent, it is important to communicate this information to pupils or students as quickly and efficiently as possible. Digital signage allows schools to do exactly that. In addition, by integrating the existing timetable software, like Zermelo or Magister, all the changes are automatically updated and displayed on the screen.


Notify staff and students about:

  • Schedule changes
  • Absence and illness reports
  • Local updates


Improve safety

In an educational institution with many students, safety is crucial. You can improve safety by integrating emergency alerts and alarm systems. In addition, digital signage can display important information for students, such as different Corona virus prevention measures or various emergency protocols.


Increase engagement

Digital signage displays communicate your message to your staff and your students. By creating an engaging and interactive environment, you increase the involvement of all parties.

Display information such as:

  • Realtime public transport departure times
  • Inform staff in the staff room
  • Show birthdays
  • Entertain students with relevant information
  • Promote activities
  • Show menus in the canteen
  • Show trip photos and videos


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