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Jun 12. Team Events

From Karting to Hiking: How Our Team Building Event Strengthened Future Forward

Our recent team-building event at Fruska Gora was an unforgettable experience that not only gave us a much-needed break from the office but also deepened our relationships at Future Forward. From the explosive karting races in Jagodina to the peaceful treks and poolside leisure in Vrdnik, every moment was full of laughter, pleasure, and shared goals. This tour brilliantly captured the essence of our Future Forward firm, demonstrating yet again that our collaborative power and solidarity are the foundations of our success. Join us as we discuss the highlights of this great weekend and how they have paved the way for an even more unified and dynamic squad in the next year.


Karting Adventures Kick Off Day 1


Group Dynamics on the Track

As soon as we arrived in Jagodina, the excitement was electric. We divided into two groups: those who had never driven before and the more experienced racers. This setup allowed everyone to participate comfortably, creating an inclusive and supportive environment. The first group, filled with anxious excitement, rapidly established their rhythm, urging each other on at every twist and bend. The experienced drivers, on the other hand, participated in a bit more friendly competition, pushing one another to new heights. This exercise not only broke the ice but also showcased our team's different skill sets. By the end of the races, there was plenty of laughter and high-fives, setting a good tone for the rest of the weekend. It was evident that this karting excursion did more than just entertain; it united us in a manner that only a shared adrenaline rush can.



Arrival and Relaxation at Vrdnik

After the thrilling karting races, we headed to Vrdnik for some much-needed rest. As soon as we arrived, the peaceful surroundings began to work their charm. We reunited for a great lunch, sharing stories and jokes about our morning excursions. The lunch was about more than just fulfilling our appetite; it was also about making human connections. Following lunch, we went directly to the pool. The cool water and warm sun provided the ideal setting for unwinding. Some of us swam, while others lounged by the pool, but everyone was having fun talking. The laughter boomed around us, emphasizing that this was more than simply a break—it was a bonding opportunity. By the end of the day, we felt more like a family than a team, setting a harmonious tone for the rest of our time at Vrdnik.


Cooking Together: Dinner Bonding

As the evening arrived, we rolled up our sleeves and gathered in the kitchen to make dinner together. This activity was more than just cooking; it was also a team-building exercise. Some of us cut veggies for the salad, while others cooked the meat. As we worked alongside one another, the kitchen was filled with laughter and cheerful chat. This joint effort made everyone feel included and respected. When the lunch was finished, we sat down to enjoy the results of our efforts. The conversations flowed smoothly, ranging from professional projects to personal pastimes. Sharing tasks in a relaxed context helped us to see different aspects of each other, removing the walls that sometimes exist in a professional setting. By the end of the evening, we had not only created a delicious meal but also strengthened our connections, making us a more unified team.



Hiking Challenges on Day 2


Breakfast and Fruska Gora Hike

The second day started with a substantial breakfast by the pool, setting the tone for an exciting day ahead. Fresh salad, eggs, and a range of beverages fueled our enthusiasm for the next climb. With full tummies and great spirits, we set off for Fruska Gora. The hike was a true test of our physical and mental fortitude, but the stunning scenery and companionship kept us going. As we hiked through the beautiful trails, we encouraged one another, creating a sense of mutual support and collaboration. The trek was not only a physical challenge but also a chance to improve our mental strength. Every step made and every encouraging remark spoken pulled us closer together.



Nature Lunch and Lake Cool Off

After our exhilarating climb through Fruska Gora, we were treated to a delicious lunch provided by our guide in a beautiful natural environment. The table included a range of local delights, such as rakija, wine, meats, cheeses, and salads. Each bite was a celebration of local delicacies, and the lunch provided another opportunity to connect over shared experiences and new tastes. The natural surroundings enhanced the sense of calm and connectedness. After lunch, we went to a local lake to cool down from the hot heat. The refreshing water was a wonderful relief, and we swam around like carefree children, relishing the moment. This refreshing plunge in the lake provided the ideal opportunity to relax and reflect on the day's accomplishments.



Evening Fun and Restaurant Dance

As the sun fell on our second day, we went to a neighboring restaurant in Vrdnik, looking forward to an evening of fun and relaxation. The environment was lively, and the restaurant provided the ideal setting for relaxing after a day of strenuous exertion. We had a fantastic dinner, shared tales, and laughed aloud around the room. Following the lunch, the music started playing, and the dance floor called. We all jumped right in and started dancing and having fun. The evening was full of laughter, twirls, and shared joy, which strengthened the ties we had formed over the day. The joy didn't end at the restaurant; we returned to our poolside position, where we talked into the early hours.



Exploring Culture on Day 3


Breakfast and Monastery Visit

We began the third day of our team-building retreat with another delicious breakfast, preparing for a morning of cultural exploration. The spread once again featured a variety of wonderful alternatives to suit everyone's interests, creating a sense of community as we celebrated our final meal in Vrdnik. After breakfast, we went to the Hopovo Monastery, one of the most important monasteries in this part of Serbia. The calm and historical place provided a peaceful contrast to our prior days of physical activity. As we went through the monastery grounds, we were struck by its architectural beauty and historical significance. This cultural journey provided an opportunity to contemplate and appreciate the area's rich legacy.


Reflections and Journey Home

As our tour to the Hopovo Monastery came to an end, we gathered for one final relaxation on the experiences we had shared over the previous several days. Sitting together, our team talked about the highlights, from the intense karting races to the relaxing moments by the pool, and how each activity had brought us closer together as a team. The trip not only gave us a break from our everyday routines, but it also helped us better understand each other, both emotionally and professionally. We set out for home with good spirits and full hearts. The trip was full of laughter and shared experiences, demonstrating how strong our relationships had become. By the time we arrived back in Niš, it was clear that this team-building event had laid a solid foundation for a more cohesive and dynamic Future Forward in 2024. We returned not just as colleagues, but as a united team, ready to tackle new challenges together.


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