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Castit - interactive digital signage

Castit is a modern, digital signage solution that lets you create your own narrowcasting channel and effectively communicate your message to a large number of people. It distributes the needed information to all the screens in realtime and caches data in case of a bad connection. In short, Castit is designed to keep working at all times.

Interact with your audience and show them around!

With a whole world of information at your disposal, you can broadcast important announcements or guide your visitors easily. Create attractive visual content and improve visitor experience. Everyone will be informed at all times, since the platform performs automatic updates and changes.

Apps for every occasion

The Castit platform includes a lot of free apps and it can connect with external software. This way, the information in your broadcast is automatically updated. Whether you want to display a website, a news channel, or anything else, Castit has got you covered. Once the entire process is automated, you won't have to enter information manually with each update and you’ll be able to save a lot of time and money.

Digital experience for everyone!

With Castit, you can communicate your message to your audience in a simple and professional manner. Our digital signage software allows you to quickly generate content for your digital signage screen, whether it's a business TV channel, a menu board, or a digital business card. It’s a visitor management tool that can display anything you want, including meeting schedule, website information, social media feed, or company performance. Most importantly, Castit is an easy to use narrowcasting platform and will connect your business with your audience.


castit narrowcasting digital signage

Emilija Nikolić