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Narrowcasting: How does it work?

What is narrowcasting?

Essentially, narrowcasting stands for the broadcasting of visual content which is used in narrower, more specialized contexts. Another term that is frequently used to describe narrowcasting is Digital Signage. Unlike broadcasting, which is aimed at larger audiences, digital signage focuses on visual communication with a specific audience. For example, think of digital displays which are commonly used at railway stations to indicate different departure times and the corresponding platform numbers. Nowadays, digital siagnage can be found everywhere around us and is used to display all kinds of information.

Digital signage is extremely versatile. You can use it to welcome visitors in your waiting room, to show the latest ice cream flavours in your favorite ice cream store, or the current waiting times at the dentist’s office.

In short, digital signage allows you to communicate with your target audience. Using digital signage software, you can display any desired content on your screen. You can use it to display wayfinding information, nameplates, meeting rooms, menu boards, news, social media updates, websites, train times, etc.


The advantages of digital signage

Digital signage solutions are a powerful tool. They have become indispensable and are trending more than ever. Digital signage offers a variety of benefits for your organization. For example, it can greatly facilitate advertising, communication and visitor experience. We have listed some of the benefits in our blog post 8 advantages of narrowcasting.


Narrowcasting options

When it comes to narrowcasting, the options that you have at your disposal are countless. When people think about digital signage, they usually tend to picture a digital display with some content on it. However, digital signage is much more than that.


Here are some ways how you can use digital signage:

  • Fill out an empty wall with a video wall
  • Use digital nameplates / door signage to show meeting room names and reservation times
  • Use weather-proof screens outdoors
  • Use small screens on product shelves to indicate product information
  • Enhance the visitor experience with a video floor
  • Inform visitors and increase customer satisfaction in an office building or a shopping mall with strategically placed touch kiosks


What are the requirements for effective narrowcasting?


Start your own narrowcasting channel

By now, you have a pretty clear understanding about what narrowcasting is and about the advantages it brings. However, you are probably wondering are the exact requirements for the installation of digital signage, and how the whole process works in practice.

With today's technology, the installation of digital signage is very easy. The installation only requires a TV or a digital screen and a digital signage media player, and all the content is displayed straight onto the digital screen. Furthermore, the installed digital signage software allows you to adjust the content on the screen with a single click of a button. This way, you can easily start your own digital signage channel, whether you want to display your business information, a digital menu board or waiting room information. Whatever the purpose may be, digital signage has you covered.


Narrowcasting Software

Are you looking for a digital signage solution? With Castit, you can deliver your message to your target group in an effective and professional way. Our digital signage software allows you to easily create content for your narrowcasting display, whether it is a business TV channel, a digital business card or a menu board. Castit can display content such as: website information, social media feeds, work schedules, meeting rooms and meeting times, company performance information - anything is possible. Castit is easy for anyone to use and connects your business with your audience. For more information or to register, please visit the Castit website.


Narrowcasting Hardware

Why promote only videos and offers when digital signage can do so much more? Interactive digital signage is even more attractive and offers a lot of possibilities for your customers, visitors and guests. Take full advantage of the touchscreen technology. With interactive digital signage, you put your audience in control by letting them choose the information they want to see on the screen. Please visit us at touchscreen.nl to find out more about our interactive touchscreen solutions and the accompanying hardware.


Are you looking for a narrowcasting solution?

You came to the right address! With over 20 years of experience, we are an authority in the field of digital signage and narrowcasting solutions, from hardware to software development. We deliver everything in one complete solution, which is tailored to match the needs of your business. We bring together design, strategy and technology when it comes to digital signage. Are you interested to hear more about the possibilities for your organization? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to fill you in.