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Digital Signage Software 2023: Backed by Statistics  

Digital Signage ROI: Drive Your Sales

Digital signage has grown in popularity among businesses and organizations, with a rapidly expanding global market valued at $23.5 billion in 2021 and projected to reach $32.8 billion in 2023. Digital signage has concrete and measurable advantages for businesses, in addition to the symbolic and immeasurable value it provides. According to statistics, it can greatly increase sales and ROI (return on investment).

The Global Digital Signage Market

The digital signage market has seen a significant rise in demand, demonstrating its importance and value. Interactive digital signage displays are gradually replacing conventional information displays. This trend is visible in well-attended events such as ISE. This has resulted in an 80% rise in sales for businesses that use digital signage, with the typical purchase amount increasing by 29.5%. 

Increased Sales and Decreased Costs

Digital signage has a recall rate of 83%, which is nearly double that of conventional advertising. Furthermore, digital signage displays are 400% more frequently viewed than static screens.

Another benefit of digital signage is that its costs are decreasing. The expense of installing digital signage has decreased by half over the years. This is partly because of the development of new affordable hardware options, such as the new Google Chromecast with Google TV. This makes it less expensive and simpler to install a digital information display at your location, requiring a smaller investment.

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Reasons for Sales Increase

There are numerous causes for the increase in sales. Textual information is examined 94% less frequently than visual information. Visitors and customers are more likely to recall interactive digital signage and visual information, with people remembering 65% of visual information after three days. 


Digital Signage Benefits: Capturing More Attention

Digital signage is known to captivate audiences, which leads to increased sales and purchases. According to studies, 90% of information that enters your brain is visual, and visual information is more likely to be recalled. You can convey your message more effectively and leave a lasting impact on your visitors and customers by using visual aids such as interactive digital signage and visual information.

Visual Information and Memorization

To begin with, 90% of the knowledge that enters your brain is visual. This means it is highly beneficial to make use of information provisions that are geared toward that, as that is what sticks with us. 

To begin with, 90% of the knowledge that enters your brain is visual. The wording of this sentence is a little different than the rest of the sentence, but it's the same concept. Second, visual information is examined 94% more frequently than textual information. The use of interactive digital signage and visual material is the way of the future. Moreover, after three days, people memorize 65% of their visual information. This is critical if you want to convey a message to your visitors and customers, or if you want your business or products to leave an impression. Digital signs, in particular, have a recall rate of 83%. This is nearly twice the recall rate of traditional ads.  

Finally, digital signage displays are 400% more frequently viewed than static screens.

Effect on Purchase Behavior

Purchase behavior is significantly influenced by digital signs. In order for people to choose your products or services, you need to have left a good and lasting impression on them. Digital information displays are an excellent method of achieving this.

Using Digital Signage to Improve Employee Productivity

Digital signage is also often used to enhance employee engagement and subsequently improve productivity. According to studies, 50% of communication specialists use digital signage as a communication tool. It is a simple way to teach your employees and keep them up to date on important organizational developments such as announcements and agendas.

Effective Internal Communication

Internal communication can be improved by using digital signage screens, which improves employee productivity by 25%. This is a huge step forward for businesses seeking to effectively distribute information. 

Employee Engagement

Furthermore, employee engagement is critical within a company. Employees who feel disconnected are 12 times more likely to quit their job within a year. Digital signage, including interactive signage, can be an excellent tool for engaging workers and increasing job satisfaction.

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Summary: The Benefits of Digital Signage

Businesses can profit from digital signage in a variety of ways. It has the potential to increase engagement, brand recognition, and the ability to attract attention. It is a versatile and dynamic form of advertising that can be used to send targeted and relevant messages to a specific group in a wide range of settings. Furthermore, digital signage can assist businesses in improving the customer experience, increasing sales, and lowering the costs associated with conventional advertising methods. Businesses can gain a significant competitive advantage by leveraging digital signage technology to convey their message more effectively and efficiently.

Castit Digital Signage Software: A Great Way to Start Your Digital Journey

Castit Digital Signage Software is a powerful instrument for companies seeking to make a name for themselves in the digital world. With the global digital signage market rapidly expanding, it is obvious that digital signage is becoming an indispensable part of the modern business landscape. 

In fact, the market is anticipated to expand even more in the coming years, with a value of 23.5 billion dollars in 2021 and 32.8 billion dollars in 2023. And the advantages of digital signage are obvious: it can boost sales by up to 33% and average buy amount by 29.5%. Its high recall rate of 83% is nearly double that of traditional advertising methods, making it an effective way to reach out to prospective consumers. 

However, the benefits of digital signs do not end there. Aside from marketing advantages, digital signage can enhance internal communication within your company, resulting in a 25% increase in employee productivity. Because of its versatility and dynamic nature, digital signage can assist your company in engaging customers, building brand recognition, and capturing attention in ways that no other advertising method can. So, if you're looking for a great way to begin your digital adventure, Castit Digital Signage Software is a great place to start. 

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