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Feature Image ISE 2023
Mar 8.

Experiencing the Future of Digital Signage: Our Team's Journey at ISE 2023!

The Fira Gran Via Barcelona hosted the 2023 edition of the top audiovisual and systems integration exhibition, which exceeded all expectations with record visitor numbers, innovative new content, and appearances from many interesting clients, among them royalty and some political delegations.

For the global AV and systems integration industry as well as the city of Barcelona, ISE 2023 (31 January-3 February 2023) was successfully executed. It had 58,107 unique attendees from 155 countries, as well as record-breaking occupancy in the city's hotels, bars, and entertainment venues, and exhibitors reporting unprecedented footfall on booths across the largest ever ISE show floor.

Castit: The Ultimate Solution for Dynamic and Engaging Digital Signage

Castit is a rapidly evolving interactive digital signage platform that requires constant monitoring of its progress. This is why our team recently attended the ISE, a premier event that showcases the most recent advances in audio and video technology.
This year, our mission was to investigate the platform's hardware connectivity, including the connection between players, sensors, and monitors.

Attending the ISE also provided us with the opportunity to learn from our competitors and identify potential collaborators. We understand that forming the right partnerships is critical to Castit's growth and success.

As a result, our team was excited to meet with industry experts, learn about the latest trends and developments, and bring back valuable insights to help us continue to improve our interactive signage platform.

Exploring the Future of Audio and Video Technology at ISE 2023

Our team wasted no time getting to work on the first day of ISE 2023. With the vast halls divided into sections, we quickly began our initial scan, eager to see what the event had to offer.

1. ChromeCast with Google TV

Our very first meeting, as luck would have it, was with Google, and it proved to be an eye-opening experience.

We discovered during our conversation that installing Chrome OS to run the player optimally took only a few minutes. This operating system also made remote system monitoring and access to remote desktop capabilities simple. Furthermore, the light version of Chrome allowed for a more cost-effective way to run Castit, allowing our customers to easily refresh their old players.

To top it off, we discovered that the most recent version of ChromeCast included Google TV. This was especially fortunate because we had just launched the Castit Google TV app a few days before. With this discovery, it became clear that businesses could have a player capable of running Castit's powerful narrowcasting capabilities for less than 40 euros.

The day was also dedicated to screen connectivity with various brands. Interesting discussions ensued, and it was soon realized that we can further roll out Castit at various suppliers via partner programs. Contact information and business cards have been exchanged in order to maintain contact after the exhibition.

2. Investigating the Various Solutions of Narrowcasting

On the second day of ISE 2023, we dug deeper into the world of narrowcasting, investigating the various solutions available. We came to the conclusion that Castit stands out from the crowd by providing unparalleled simplicity and cutting-edge technology.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that many features that were presented as masterpieces by other companies had long been integrated into our own narrowcasting software. For example, the interactive layer for running and monitoring touchscreen applications has long been a key component of our software.

Our time at ISE also gave us valuable insights into areas for improvement. We recognized the significance of incorporating small animations and making the content management system accessible for simple touchscreen applications. In addition to our existing narrowcasting apps, we recognized the need to provide more interactive touchscreen apps.

Finally, we identified the opportunity for greater integration with mobile phones in the operation of our narrowcasting solution. These insights will assist us in continuing to innovate and improve our offering in order to provide even more value to our customers.

3. Revolutionizing Digital Signage with Sensor Integration

Our team explored the potential for developing more interactive experiences with the environment on the third day of the ISE as well as the most recent sensor technology for digital signage.

During a conversation with a representative from Philips, one of our trusted suppliers, our long-standing search for a simple and effective way to integrate sensors into our Castit platform was finally answered. This conversation was critical in achieving our goal of adding screen functionality to our monitoring tool and developing an app that can be easily installed via the Philips app store. We can now conveniently schedule screen activation and perform necessary health checks by leveraging our Castit narrowcasting system.

Harnessing the Latest Technology Trends: Key Takeaways from ISE 2023

In short, we confirmed that Castit as an interactive digital signage software truly is a game-changing solution for businesses looking to effectively communicate with their customers. Our team's attendance at ISE 2023 gave us invaluable insights into the industry's latest trends and developments in audio and video technology.

Therefore, we remain committed to deliver the most advanced and dependable technology to our partners, and we are excited about putting our plans into action for the expansion of Castit’s functionalities. Castit is poised to lead the way in the digital signage market for years to come thanks to our cutting-edge features, scalability, and flexibility.

If you want to learn more about Castit, contact Future Forward today to learn how our narrowcasting software solutions can revamp your processes and propel your company forward. Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions and develop a customized plan to meet your unique business needs.

Email: support@castit.nl
Phone: +311 81 413 112

Dennis Groeneveld

and Nebojsa Gutesa