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Improve hospitality digital signage

Improve hospitality in a digital way

A digital welcome says a lot about your brand. It’s smart and friendly, and it offers excellent visitor management. Digital reception would also simplify ordinary tasks for your employees and offer additional assistance to your clients. Also, it’s a sustainable solution that will keep your business green.


Want to digitize your business? Start from the very beginning!


If you are about to make the switch from analog to digital, what better way to start than to implement digital reception? You can make sure that your customers feel welcome even before they step foot in your building. Be hospitable and innovative at the same time. Eliminate queuing and guide your visitors to their destination quickly and safely.

Digital reception can cover everything from the invitation to departure, and your visitors will constantly be taken care of.


Choose an accessible reception software

The key to friendly digital reception is user-friendly software. Visitors should be able to log in and find their way around the building easily, and the host shall be notified of their arrival in a timely manner. It should also be simple enough to do administrative and other tasks.

Treat your customers with the care they deserve! Turn boring reception tasks into a few taps on the screen.


Cover multiple locations

Digital reception is a perfect solution if your building has multiple entrances or if you have offices in different locations. Not only will it be easier to welcome visitors through video calls, have them picked up, or guide them to your destination, but it will ensure a significant cost reduction, too. Your customers will associate your brand with professionalism and innovation.


Digital, yet personal

One of the main concerns business owners have while contemplating replacing regular reception with digital reception is the human factor. Can digital reception preserve the feeling of hospitality? Will the clients feel neglected? The important thing to remember is that there is always a way to make your clients feel welcome, even without an actual person behind the reception desk. 

How is this even possible? Well, it’s simple - everything in your system can be customized. This way, your visitors will receive invitations, check-in details, and important announcements in just a couple of clicks. They will be greeted with a friendly screen that has all the information they’re looking for, and more. Digital reception stands with your employees and customers.

Emilija Nikolic