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Jul 20. Wayfinding

Implementing Smart Wayfinding

Nowadays, visitors usually expect that with a little help from the signs in the building, they can get to where they are headed. And if at some point they feel the need to ask somebody for directions, it’s a sure sign that your print signage is outdated.

Smart Wayfinding ensures quick navigation and reduces waiting time, all the while improving the overall customer experience.


Smart. Accessible. Personalized.

Wayfinding signage can guide your visitors through your building in real time. Smarter navigation is always a good idea, and digital signs will fit any space. Switching to sustainable signage will definitely make your company greener and reduce environmental impact. Ultimately, digital wayfinding offers possibilities far beyond the scope of printed signs: there could be multiple search options that would provide more point-to-point directions. So, where to start?

sustainable signage e-ink displays


Add the art of Smart Wayfinding to your business

It’s time to embrace innovation! Digital signage keeps the visitors informed about where they are and how to get to where they are going. Wayfinding kiosks can be the guideposts unique to your business - a smart solution leading to visitor satisfaction. Your brand will be prominent on the interactive screens, showing that your company is up to date with the latest innovations.


What smart solutions are there?

Better software is vital to making important changes in your business. You can choose between a licensed signage software in the form of a so-called SaaS solution or a custom solution. The advantage of the licensed wayfinding software is that the provider will take care of all the (security) updates. The advantage of a custom solution is that you can have the entire software made and customized to fit your needs.

Digital Receptionist multi-tenant

Digital Reception was designed to provide an impeccable visitor experience. This solution makes every client feel welcome and enables quick sign-in and out.

NAMEBOARDS is interactive digital signage that combines friendly reception with easy wayfinding.

Sustainable Signage comes in the form of E-ink displays that transform the space into a sustainable and modern environment.

Maptomize points visitors, customers, and employees in the right direction with interactive maps.

There are many choices, but each option guarantees improved visitor management. Better screens lead to better business!


How do I map all the wayfinding signs?

We suggest using an indoor overview map and setting a unique numbering to the signage, recording the location and the type of board. Is it a reference sign, a route sign, an overview sign, or another form of signage? Often there is already such a plan of analog signing, which can be used as a reference.

With our Smart Signage system, it’s easy to access all of your interactive screens and see their locations. It’s also easy to make updates - whether you want them to apply to one screen or all of them. And in case of a malfunction, you will receive a notification instantly.


Smart is the way to go

Digital wayfinding signage is simple and straightforward and it helps your clients navigate confusing corridors or find a conference room. It reduces the need for traditional, printed signage and saves precious employee time. Instead of a “You are here” message on the static sign, your visitors will get detailed instructions on how to get where they want or some other information they require. You’ll be able to display data from various sources and show important announcements, traffic info, weather forecast, and so much more. Smart wayfinding is better for your brand, and it’s everything people need in order not to get lost!

Emilija Nikolic