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Castit - Our multifunctional digital signage platform you'll love to use!

Over the previous couple of months, we talked quite a bit about the vast range of possible applications that digital signage has, and how it can be used to support your organization and improve your visitors' experience. So, if you haven't had a chance to find out more about those topics yet, feel free to take a few moments and read some of our previous articles on why your business should use digital signagesome of the ways in which your organization can use it effectively and how to get the most out of digital signage solutions.

This is why we decided to do something a little bit different today and tell you more about our own digital signage platform Castit, and just how easy and effortless it is for our clients to create rich, appealing content that truly speaks to their customers, employees or visitors. So without further ado, let's get the ball rolling!


What is Castit exactly? 

Castit is a modern, digital signage solution that allows you to create your own narrowcasting channel and effectively communicate your message to a large number of people. It was built from the ground up with ease of use in mind.

Castit allows you to broadcast almost any type of content you can possibly imagine, regardless whether that content is pulled from an online source or stored locally on your device. It can pull data in realtime from a vast array of online sources, such as websites and blogs, company news, sport channels, local news, realestate agents and houses, public transportation information, airports, movies, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, Flickr), etc. The list is almost endless. So, whether its a local image or a video or an online news source or a social media feed that you want to integrate into your digital signage channel - Castit can do it all!

Feel free to take a look at the image gallery bellow, which showcases a small selection of practical use cases of our digital signage platform.

Due to its multifunctional nature, Castit can easily be integrated and used in almost any environment or facility where you want to distribute information efficiently and increase the visitor experience. These types of facilities include, but are certainly not limited to, various educational institutions, modern office complexes, such as the Utrecht Newton Business Center or the Schiphol office complex, train stations, waiting rooms, etc. The list goes on and on... Practically any modern environment that you can imagine can be upgraded using Castit as your digital signage software solution!

Last but not least, another very important aspect that we cannot fail to mention lies in Castit's efficiency when it comes to distribution of information. Since our software runs in the cloud, it only takes a couple of mouse clicks to change and update any content that appears on your channel. This can be done from any physical location around the globe where you have internet connectivity. In addition to this, Castit allows you to leverage the cloud technology to immediately change the content on one digital signage screen, as well as hundreds or even thousands of different screens. All the changes you make are applied and propagated throughout your network of screens in a matter of seconds!

Take a look at the video below to learn more about Castit and the vast number of possibilities it provides for your organization!



Create rich content that tells Your Story, with ease!

Now that you have a pretty good understanding of what Castit is and what are the possibilities it offers, we would like to show you just how easy and straightforward it is to create content for your digital signage channel. So let's dive in together and go through the major elements of the Castit interface one step at a time.


Using our Castit software, you will become a digital signage expert in no time!


Slide creator

The main interface of the app is divided into several modules. The Slide Creator module lets you easily create presentation slides for your digital signage channel. It allows you to save a master template of your presentation so that you can reuse it later on. This makes the entire process of making later presentations with slight adjustments a lot quicker and easier.

The slide creator module allows you to easily add text, images, shapes and templates to your slides. You have all the major editing tools at your disposal and will be able to make beautiful slides in seconds (providing that you are not an absolute stranger to design).

Castit Slide Creator

Castit Slide Creator Interface



The library module lets you store all your content using cloud infrastructure. This way, all your content remains safely stored online and can be used at any time and from any computer. In addition, all your assets can also be broadcast onto any screen(s) of your choosing. Our cloud storage allows you to structure your content any way that is convenient for you using folder structure.

Castit Library

Castit Library Interface


Apps and integrations

The apps and integrations module is one of the most important sections of Castit. It contains around 50 apps that are easily integrated into the platform and can help you extend your broadcast in almost any way you can imagine. These apps allow you to pull the existing information from the web directly onto your screen, information from various news sources, social media feeds, train schedules, etc. This saves you a lot of time, since you don't need to enter the information manually every time and you have unrestricted access to up-to-date information at all times. In addition, we are also able to develop new apps based on the specifications of your organization.

Castit Apps and Integrations

Castit Apps and Integrations Interface



Your whole broadcast is structured using a playlist format. Our software lets you create as many playlists as you prefer. This allows you to have a separate playlist for every theme or demographic. You can have a number of specialised playlists that you can use during different times of day or to target different groups of people. Playlists allow you to fill them with various media types from your library and set the desired amount of their duration.

Castit Playlists

Castit Playlists Interface


Screen preview

Naturally, you would want to know exactly how your channel is going to look like before you broadcast it onto the digital signage screens in your organization. Or perhaps you want to show it to some of your colleagues and ask them for their feedback and opinions. Castit has you covered here as well. We have made a convenient preview screen exactly for this purpose. This screen lets you preview all the broadcasts you have created or easily see which broadcasts are currently being played.

Castit Screen Preview

Castit Screen Preview Interface


Castit players for multiple platforms

Another advantage of Castit is that it can run on multiple platforms. There are separate versions of the Castit player for Windows and Linux operating systems as well as for the Android mobile operating system. This means that you don't need to have an external media player, since you can install the Castit player on computers, tablets and smart TVs.

Nevertheless, if you require more computing power to play those high resolution videos or CPU intensive apps or you simply want to run your Castit player offline in areas that have poor internet connection, we can provide you with a specialized media player that we have build specifically for this purpose.

Castit Downloads

Castit Downloads Interface


Castit pricing models


Our Castit digital signage platform comes in several pricing plans to help you find the right solution for your needs and budget!


The Basic plan

The Basic plan allows you to use our entire platform, including all the Castit apps completely free of charge! You can broadcast any content you desire to one screen using the Castit web app and have access to Email support.


The Professional plan

The Professional pricing plan is a recurring subscription charge that comes at 19€ per month. This model provides you with all the features and benefits of the Basic model, plus you are entitled to one licence for the Castit player.


The Enterprise plan

The Enterprise pricing plan offers a complete solution for your organization. With this plan, you can easily create and manage your digital signage channel and have it broadcast to multiple screens. The Enterprise plan allows you to licence multiple instances of the Castit player and get access to our professional monitoring tool. You also have access to telephone support in addition to regular Email support. Pricing information is available upon request. Contact us now to receive a free quote and start your digital signage channel today!

*You can choose between monthly or annual billing for both pricing plans.


Choose Castit!

With Castit, you can communicate your message to your target group simply and professionally. Using our digital signage software, you can easily create content for your digital signage screen, whether it is a business TV channel, a digital business card or a menu board. Castit shows your desired content, such as website information, social media feed, work schedules, meetings or business performance - anything is possible! Castit is easy for everyone to use and connects your business with your audience. Register now or find out more about it by visiting the Castit website.