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How a waiting room screen changes your waiting space

During the course of our lives, we spend a lot of time waiting. Think of all the times you had to wait for your appointment at the general practitioner’s, the psychotherapist’s or the dentist’s office. Waiting for appointments and consultations is inevitable, but it certainly doesn't have to be a waste of time. Take advantage this time to keep your patients informed using narrowcasting.


Waiting causes boredom...

It is in the waiting room that the patient or the visitor gets their first impression. In health care, waiting times can often get long and tedious. It is not unusual for visitors not to know what to expect, and they often experience the whole process as an outright waste of their precious time. As a healthcare provider, you not only want to try to keep waiting times as short as possible, but also make them as pleasant as possible. The key element to create this positive experience is the waiting room.

Digital signage is used in every sector. This is also the case when it comes to healthcare and welfare. Digital displays in waiting rooms can soften waiting times and can reduce perceived waiting time up to 35%.


Make time fly by!

With digital signage in the waiting room, you soften the waiting times of your patients and your visitors. Digital signage enables you to provide useful and targeted information.  With the right software, you make the waiting times of your visitors more valuable. Display waiting times live, introduce visitors to your team, display images or videos with helpful tips on how to stay healthy and provide information on common health issues. 

A digital display in the waiting room. And this is not only beneficial for your patients, but it also gives more credibility to your practice. In addition, it creates a positive impression through the use of technology.


Improve your visitors' experience

You don't need to be a technology expert or a marketer to use digital signage. With the right digital signage software, you can easily create a relaxing environment for your visitors. Our own digital signage platform Castit is a powerful software package that can help you reduce waiting times and create an environment where visitors feel at ease. Improve your visitors' experience by effectively utilizing these sources:

  • Communication. Introduce your patients to the team, give them health advice and keep them informed about your services.
  • Queuing Guidance. Digital registration and tracking systems ensure optimal patient guidance. Thus, queuing guidance is improved by displaying live waiting information. 
  • Signage. Dynamic digital signage makes everything a lot easier for your visitors. Assisting your guests ensures a higher level of customer satisfaction.
  • Entertainment. With the right software, you can show a variety of live information such as current news information, traffic information, weather imagery, videos and announcements.

Castit can fully support your waiting area, whether you have a single screen or multiple screens on your premises. With our software, you can easily control your content, add live information, display waiting times and inform your visitors. With Castit you create the right atmosphere for your visitors and turn your waiting room into a relaxing environment where your patients feel comfortable. Register Now or click here for more information!