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Why your business should use digital signage? 4 Advantages of a digital signage solution.

Digital information screens can be found everywhere. From information kiosks in buildings and digital signage in shop windows to digital menu displays in McDonald's. Digital signage has many advantages over static content. It does not matter in which industry your company or organization is active, digital signage is flexible and can be used in any sector. Digital screens help your business convey your company's message and impress the audience.

How can digital signage help improve your business? We have listed the main benefits of digital signage in the sections below:


Attract attention and increase customer engagement

Digital screens are attention grabbers and people are much more likely to focus on a digital screen than static content. Digital screens capture 400% more views than static screens. Also, not only do they capture more views, but their recall rate is 83% - significantly higher than other media. This virtually guarantees the optimal experience in the store, waiting areas, hotels, restaurants, extra visitor numbers and new customers.

With a digital screen, you can show almost any desired content from animation images, live videos and audio messages. Promote special offers, provide information about products and services, and display videos, websites, social media feed and more. It doesn't matter if you are promoting a special offer or showing other information, people will pay more attention when using a digital display. And did you know that digital signage attracts 72% more attention than online ads?

You really don't have to be a marketer to edit the content. With the right and user-friendly software, you can easily create the message that your audience needs. Castit is a powerful digital signage software and helps you convey the message of your organization to the public. Easily create an environment where visitors feel comfortable and improve external communication.

In this way you ensure high customer engagement, you reach more customers and you distinguish yourself from the competition.

Empower guests and customers for a positive experience

One of the advantages is that digital signage offers endless possibilities. Digital signage is attractive! But why only promote videos and promotions when it can do much more?


Communicate in an interactive way

Interactive digital signage is even more attractive and offers a lot of possibilities for your customers, visitors and guests. By using touch screens and information kiosks, the audience is in control and it can choose and adapt the content themselves based on their needs and interests.


Digitize and level up your wayfinding signage

Perhaps the biggest flaw of traditional signage is that it is static. Digital signage is always up to date. For example, show scheduled meetings and navigate the attendees to the meeting room.


Offer visitors an interactive wayfinding tool

It can cause a lot of frustration when visitors don't know where to go. Interactive wayfinding can prevent this. Welcome your visitors with a touchscreen or a digital reception. These are easy to use as well as intuitive. Furthermore, it contains all the information that visitors are looking for. By choosing one of the items on the screen (e.g. the name of the company), the visitor will see information about the selected item - its location in the area, as well as an optional map or a drawn path to see how they can get there. Looking for an interactive wayfinding tool? Please click here to take a look all the possibilities the we can offer for your organization.


Improve internal communication

In a fast-moving company, efficient communication is perhaps one of the most important things. Digital screens are not just for communicating with guests and customers. The information screens provide an effective way of internal communication. Whether it is an office, factory, warehouse, store or other workplaces, keeping up to date with and communicating with employees is essential for a productive and balanced workplace. For example, management wants to communicate essential information to all employees during the production process such as; production quota, performance, average working time or delivery information. In these and many other cases, digital signage has the ability to convey information to the staff. Besides, the information can be adjusted automatically and thus easily.

Moreover, internal brand experience is just as important as the external brand experience. After all, you want the employees to feel involved and think along in the interest of the organization. With our digital signage software, you can easily adapt the content to the design & look and feel within your organization.


Save unnecessary costs and be sustainable

Digital signage increases the visitor experience, improves communication and supports the image of the company, it is cheap and sustainable. Consider, for example, all the printing paper that is saved by using digital signage, and we haven't even started talking about time savings and efficient communication. Constantly printing things on paper costs money, causes pollution and is therefore not ecologically sound. So, why bother as a company if there is a much more efficient and sustainable way of communicating?



Is your company looking for a suitable digital signage solution? With Castit you communicate your message to your target group simply and professionally. Using our digital signage software, you can easily create the content for your digital signage screen, whether this is a business TV channel, digital business card or menu board. With Castit you show your desired content such as; website information, social media feed, work schedules, meetings or business performance, anything is possible. Castit is easy for everyone to use and connects your business with your audience. Register now or take a look at the Castit website.


Sustainable Signage

Castit works on standard digital signage displays as well as on our energy-efficient green solutions - the E-ink screens. These are easy to install via a magnetic holder and require you to recharge the batteries once in every three months. For more information about sustainable signage, please visit us at SustainableSignage.


Choose interactive digital signage

Why only promote videos and promotions when digital signage can do much more? Interactive digital signage is even more attractive and offers many possibilities for your customers, visitors and guests. With interactive digital signage, the audience is in control and can determine for themselves what is viewed on the screen.


Are you looking for a digital signage solution? 

At Future Forward you came to the right address! With over 20 years of experience, we are an extensive resource for digital signage solutions, ranging from hardware to software development. We deliver everything in one complete solution, which is tailored to closely match the needs of your business. Our services include, digital signage, concept and branding strategies, deployment and installation, monitoring and support. We bring together design, strategy and technology when it comes to digital signage.