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Creating digital signage for Schiphol office complex “The Base”

Schiphol Real Estate

Having your office situated at Schiphol Airport, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the whole world is at your feet. Not only because you have a magnificent view of the runways, but also because of the huge number of international organizations that surround the area. Here, you'll be able to conduct your business from one of the most accessible and dynamic areas of Europe. A place that inspires, fills you with energy and is appealing to the imagination of your customers and employees. This will allow your company to rise to roaring heights, and you can also save on your housing expenses because you are already located at the Schiphol airport.


The challenge

In addition to its location next to Europe’s third busiest airport, Schiphol Real Estate offers office spaces that are truly unique. This is reflected in it’s energetic image and high-paced work environment. Naturally, it was very important for us to help them transform their existing static signage into a dynamic and modern digital signage solution, since having to change their static signage around the offices frequently proved to be extremely inefficient, time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, it was imperative to come up with a sustainable, long-term solution that would be efficient and that would provide the visitors with a better service when it comes to signage.

Digital signage at The Base

Digital signage at The Base


The method

Just like with all of our other projects, we started by building the inventory and mapping out the problems, goals, users and expectations. When the initial survey was completed, we moved on to the digitalization of the static signage. Every aspect and layout of the existing static signage was taken into account and carefully considered. A very important aspect of the digitization process is that the customer has to be able to operate all the signs easily and adjust them to their preference if necessary. This is why we developed a user-friendly CMS. Using our platform, the names of the companies can easily be changed and adjusted, so that the signage always remains up-to-date.

Digital Signage Schiphol 2


An increase of efficiency due to digital mailboxes and nameplates

In order to successfully tackle the problem of mailboxes and letterbox images, another major change was implemented - the digitization of the mailbox information. Using digital signage, the numbers of the mailboxes are displayed with the corresponding company names. Moreover, in order to match the entire corporate identity, the same theme and layout was applied throughout.

Digital nameplates and mailboxes

Digital nameplates and mailboxes


The result

Now, you can see and admire the digital signage that we have created inside The Base. Our solution allows Schiphol Real Estate to save a lot of unnecessary costs that they previously had for the replacement and implementation of different name changes using static signage.


So what is the end result?

Well, it is an inexpensive and sustainable solution that fully supports the always-changing appearance and configuration of the office complex. Now, new name changes can be implemented in a fraction of a second. All visitors are welcomed, they can find our digital signage placed at different strategic locations throughout the area, see on which floor of the building they need to be and are kept up-to-date at all times.

Digital Signage Implementation 

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