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Digital signage for a Corona-proof office

Digital signage for a Corona-proof office

The impact of the Coronavirus on daily life is great. It remains important to respect safety protocols such as maintaining a social distance of 1.5 meters, wearing masks, etc. Many organisations, businesses, restaurants and retailers are therefore looking for ways to adapt their signage and information provision.

Showing the correct instructions is important in the office and the workplace as well as in catering establishments, shops, museums, schools and hospitals. With the ever-changing protocols and measures, it is not convenient to choose a static solution such as stickers. Therefore, choose a dynamic solution such as digital signage. With the help of digital screens, the correct instructions are displayed and you ensure a Corona-proof environment.

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Signage and instructions for COVID-19

With the help of digital signage, you convey the instructions and safety measures simply and effectively. Are there too many people inside? With one click, the screen is updated with the information that people have to wait, for example. Besides, it is possible to display other valuable content. This includes news updates, social media updates and other important information that is important for your organization.

Corona bewegwijzering instructies

Show the most up-to-date instructions, guide visitors and ensure a safe environment.

More information about specific signage and COVID-19 instructions? Contact us or call us 0181-413112.

For organizations that have remained open in recent months, such as supermarkets, healthcare facilities, pharmacies and similar services, digital signage played a unique role in communicating with their customers, visitors and guests. In contrast to static information, digital signage offers many more benefits and options:


1. Safety and prevention measures

More than ever, digital screens are a vital link between companies, employees and their customers. Social distance and compliance with workspace hygiene measures are important considerations for companies trying to resume more normal activities.

For example, digital screens help in communicating safety and prevention measures. Health guidelines and measures change regularly. Digital signage instantly displays essential information on the latest health guidelines and safety tips. Static information, such as stickers and posters, is often overlooked. Not only does digital signage make more of an impression, but digital signage also goes a step further. Show information and animations about:

  • How long to wash your hands

  • How much social distance has to be taken

  • How people should wear a mask properly

By offering this information, digital signage can help you create a safer environment and a better customer experience.


2. Interactive Signage and Wayfinding

Employers will have to adapt the workspace and offices quickly. One of the simplest changes in the use of interactive and digital signage. It helps every visitor and customer during the Coronavirus to get to the right destination. Show the right information in the tone of your brand. The wayfinding strategy will play an important role in keeping people safe when they return to their workplace or when they visit a place.


3. Queue management and waiting room screens

Digital signage is a direct tool to support customers when waiting. Now, during this pandemic, there is only a maximum number of guests allowed in public areas. Digital signage tools can support queue management. By making use of this, supermarkets, shops and other businesses optimize the customer flows and estimated waiting times to avoid long queues. At the same time, it is possible to advertise the products and show purchase limits. This effectively reduces the influx of customers and their frustration.


4. Smart digital signage tools

Digital signage systems also offer interactive features. For example, a tracking system can be used to send a message or warning to a specific floor or unit. This way, employees know which floor they should avoid and whether they should stay at home.


Corona signage for your industry

Are you looking for corona signage or instructions for your industry? Offices, shops, restaurants and public places must clearly communicate these measures. Digital displays support communication with both visitors and employees. Digital displays are practical, can be used anywhere and can show any desired information and signage.

With digital signage, you show the desired content on the screen. Combine the security measures with your social media feed and alternate the information on the screen, so your organization also advertises a little. We ensure that they are installed in strategic places for maximum reach.


Would you like to know more or receive a free quote? Contact us or call us 0181-413112.


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Choose digital signage!

With Castit you communicate your message to your target group simply and professionally. Using our digital signage software, you can easily create the content for your digital signage screen, whether this is a business TV channel, digital business card or menu board. Castit shows your desired content such as; website information, social media feed, work schedules, meetings or business performance, anything is possible. Castit is easy for everyone to use and connects your business with your audience. Register now or check it out by visiting the Castit website.



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