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Future Forward 2022 recap

For the Future Forward 2022 recap, we will walk you through the previous year and look ahead to 2023.

Nov 24. Team Events

Future Forward Serbia turned 11

Future Forward Serbia 11th birthday

Nov 1. Team Events

Future Forward at DigiTalk Conference in Nis

Digital Conference in our city

Self service kiosks: 24/7 at your service

Multifunctional and non-stop: self-service kiosks are taking their place in numerous sectors

Jul 29.

How narrowcasting attracts

How to really engage with visitors

Jul 22.

Can we switch to hybrid working with analogue signs?

How do we fix the orientation when the composition of office buildings is changing from day to day?

Jul 18.

Interactive touch apps

The visitor decides

Jul 8. Team Events

Our Rafting Adventure

The most thrilling team building ever

Jul 7.

Wayfindr: All your wayfinding signs within one system

Wayfindr is a centralized platform that can manage your entire wayfinding signage, and help you update everything in a few clicks!

Jun 10.

Elderly homes need more interactivity

Don’t underestimate the older generation

Leuk dat u er bent!

We zien dat u de website vanuit Nederland bezoekt. Wilt u de website in het Nederlands bekijken?