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Future forward at ISE 2024 cover
Feb 13. Team Events

The Future is Now:Future Forward Takes on ISE 2024

Seizing Opportunities at the Forefront of Innovation


Introduction to ISE 2024

We at the Future Forward company, consider that attending the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 event holds great significance for us, and we were right. ISE is an amazing event for professionals in the audiovisual, electronic systems integration, and IT industries. Companies, which are presenters, are showcasing the latest innovations and technologies that are shaping the future of smart buildings and unified communications.


ISE 2024 presentations 


Day 1: Exploring Communications & Smart Buildings

The journey begins with Day 1, dedicated to getting acquainted with the exhibitors, particularly those in Hall 2 focusing on unified communications and smart buildings. Our team dives into discussions with Hisense Serbia, laying the groundwork for potential strategic partnerships to leverage their expertise in smart solutions.


Day 2: Delving into Multi-Technology Solutions

Continuing the exploration on Day 2, attention shifts to Hall 3, abounding with multi-technology solutions. Engagements with industry giants like Maverick and emerging players like Newline spark discussions about collaborative opportunities. The possibility of integrating Castit with Newline's Digital Signage software opens avenues for innovation and growth.


Future Forward team at the meeting in ISE 2024


Day 3: Focus on Hardware Manufacturers

Day 3 sees a focused approach towards hardware manufacturers, aiming to strengthen existing partnerships and forge new alliances. Meetings with trusted partners like ProDVX solidify plans for deeper collaboration, while discussions with RCStars, a hardware manufacturer from China, culminate in the establishment of a strategic partnership, marking a significant milestone for our company's global expansion.


Day 4: Wrapping Up with Digital Signage

As the event draws to a close, attention shifts to digital signage in Hall 6. Engagements with industry leaders like AOpen and innovative startups like WindowSight pave the way for potential collaborations. Negotiations with AOpen continue towards exclusive software partnerships, while discussions with WindowSight explore possibilities of integrating their digital art app with Castit, enhancing our product offerings and market presence.


ISE 2024 Future Forward attending


Presentation to the team

When we returned, the entire crew was anxious to hear and learn more about technological innovations. So we created a presentation using our own product, Castit Digital Signage Software, to express our thoughts on the trip and the conference itself.


Future Forward team presentation



In retrospect, attending ISE 2024 has been a fruitful journey filled with networking opportunities, insightful discussions, and the establishment of key partnerships. With over 25 new contacts, 20 follow-ups, and 10 strategic meetings, our team emerges empowered and inspired, ready to navigate the future of technology with confidence and innovation.


future forward

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