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Castit - interactive digital signage

A narrowcasting system for your screen

Going Digital With Style

Innovate visitor management with modern digital reception kiosks

Jan 10.

Happy New Year!

Together we reflected on 2021, and took a look into the future.

Truckwash in Niš

Our long-term clients came to visit

Dec 6.

Yay, we’re 10!

Future Forward at Niš celebrated its tenth birthday

TORO building

An example of how digitizing can help make certain work processes more simple and efficient.


Improve hospitality in a digital way

Digital reception brings customer experience to a whole new level

Jul 20. Wayfinding

Implementing Smart Wayfinding

Nowadays, visitors usually expect that with a little help from the signs in the building, they can get to where they are headed.

Jul 15.

Future Forward among the Top 30 iPhone App Development Companies

Future Forward has been recognized as one of the Top 30 iPhone App Development Companies.

Apr 13.

From care to taking care for

Home care finally has an app that can play a meaningful role for more patients and (home) care organizations.

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