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Nov 1. Team Events

Future Forward at DigiTalk Conference in Nis

Digital Conference in our city

One of the largest digital conferences in the Balkans was held in Nis from October 27 to October 30, and the Future Forward team was one of the many attendees. Our staff attended the conference, kept up with the speakers' noteworthy industry insights, listened to inspiring success stories, and kept track of the event's developments.

Digitalk conference 

Digital autumn in Nis!

The Tami Residence hotel in Nis, which is perched on a hill and offers spectacular city views, served as the conference venue. There were two separate conferences:

  • DigiTalk Media Days - had a media-specific focus and covered a wide range of topics, including content marketing, market research, KPIs and use cases, financing, storytelling, photography, business models, and other real-world solutions for media organizations.
  • DigiTalk Conference - the primary event, featured a plethora of industry leaders who generously shared their knowledge with the audience while sharing their success stories and solutions. A wide range of topics were covered, including animation, technology, digital goods, different business solutions and routes to success, automobiles, investment, selling SaaS software, working with established businesses, startup success stories, and many more. The Guinness world record holder who ran 77 straight marathons in 77 days with having just 5% of his vision gave a motivational speech that had the audience in tears.

DigiTalk media days


Networking at conferences with businesses and friends

In addition to the business portion, the organizers took a tremendous effort to ensure that the guests had a good time. To that purpose, they planned a party in a downtown nightclub, a wine night, and a rakija night, where we had the opportunity to meet many fascinating people in a more relaxed setting. We had a terrific day making new friends, exchanging ideas, and establishing helpful connections.

Future Forward team

Future Forward team at the digital conference

Our expectations were well exceeded by the event. Industry thought leaders in their respective fields, the speakers generously shared their routes to success and gave advice on how to get there. Over 750 people, 45 lecturers, and 4 days of networking took place. The program lasted 35 hours. Amazing statistics for a conference held in this region of Serbia.

Future Forward would gladly support these kinds of events as a bespoke software development business with a broad portfolio of various software solutions that assist students and professionals stay current with the field and advance both professionally and personally.

The future is forward!

Future is forward

Folks in the digital age, the future is now. I hope to see you at the following one. :)


future forward

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