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IMG 2012
Nov 24. Team Events

Future Forward Serbia turned 11

Future Forward Serbia 11th birthday

Nis's office celebrated its 11th anniversary in Serbia over the weekend. It was a fantastic year, one to remember, full of challenges, new business strategies, and numerous successes in various fields.

Future Forward team

A couple of notable anniversaries

Some of our team members celebrated significant anniversaries:

  1. Zoran Popovic celebrated 11 years at the company.
  2. Predrag Ristic - 10 years;
  3. Nemanja Karadzic - 10 years;
  4. Ivan Djordjevic - 7 years;
  5. Aleksandar Nikolic - 5 years,
  6. Ivan Stojic - 4 years,
  7. Dusan Skiljevic - 4 years,
  8. Jovana Pavlovic - 1 year,
  9. Kristina Stamenkovic - 1 year.

We are grateful to have such wonderful employees, amazing individuals, and strong team members who have been invaluable members of the team over the years. We wanted to show our appreciation to these guys in some way, so the company gave them smartwatches, sunglasses, winter trips, and other gifts, which were just a humble appreciation and a symbol of what these people had done for the company in previous years. Of course, the company didn't forget about the rest of the employees, so there were gifts for everyone.

Congratulations on this momentous occasion. We know it hasn't been an easy road, but it has been rewarding. Let us believe in the best in the coming years.

Only your desire to succeed can match your creativity and dedication to work. On this day, we would like to congratulate you all on another successful year!

Team having fun

Excellent food and a wonderful atmosphere

After the small office celebration, it was time for the 'real' celebration, which was held in the local pub, where we enjoyed good food, quality drinks, and a very joyful atmosphere. There were many laughs, and we had the pleasure of meeting each other in some other contexts, outside of work.

It was a perfect night where we talked about many other topics, relaxed with colleagues, and had a great time.

We are looking forward to future anniversaries, events, and parties because we have once again proven that this group of people, in addition to doing a great job, knows how to have fun. :)

The night out

It was more than just a company anniversary. It was a family anniversary that has defied all odds to grow together and achieve great things. Future Forward, happy anniversary! For many more to come.


future forward

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