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Oct 3. Team Events

Utilizing the Keys to Success: Our Annual Company Trip to the Netherlands

Unforgettable Annual Company Trips: Where Work Meets Adventure


Every year, our company eagerly anticipates the annual company trip. It's not just a getaway; it's a well-orchestrated event aimed at fostering teamwork, building relationships, and celebrating our achievements. This year's destination: the enchanting Netherlands. Let us take you through this remarkable journey where work seamlessly blended with fun, forging memories that will last a lifetime.

Future Forward front office Netherlands



A Perfectly Orchestrated Trip


The success of any trip begins with meticulous planning, and ours was no exception. Our goal? To meet clients, acclimate team members to our unique way of working, and, of course, have an incredible time doing it. 


Teamwork Knows No Boundaries 


The trip began with our Serbian and Dutch teams converging at our Brielle office. For over a week, these two powerhouses collaborated, shared insights, and strengthened the bonds that make our company special.

Future Forward office Netherlands



Connecting with Partners


A highlight of our journey was the meeting with our esteemed reseller partner, 2 Orange. This strategic partnership promises exciting possibilities. We even brought along a game-changing idea: a simple app that, if developed, would make us the exclusive supplier of apps for AOPEN.


Building Client Relationships


Meeting clients face-to-face is priceless. One such encounter was with Living Projects, an opportunity that showcased the potential of our partnership. The meeting was nothing short of great.

Future Forward visiting Living Projects



Innovative Discussions


Our rendezvous with Cooks Crossover was particularly intriguing. We delved into the world of battery-powered 400 tablets, opening doors to innovative possibilities.


Expanding Our Horizons


We also had an enlightening discussion with Blijdorp about expanding our cooperation and developing exciting applications. The future looks promising!


Balancing Work and Play


But it wasn't all work and no play. We explored the beautiful streets of Rotterdam, engaging in lively conversations, discovering hidden gems, and indulging in retail therapy.

Future Forward visiting clients



Rejuvenation and Bonding


Recreation is essential, so we spent quality time swimming, relaxing in saunas, and working out in the gym. These moments of rejuvenation helped us connect on a personal level.


Unexpected Surprises


As they say, the best things happen when you least expect them. We almost missed a meeting with Pharmaoffer. However, a canceled flight worked in our favor, allowing us to meet the client on Monday.

Future Forward meeting Pharmaoffer



In conclusion, our annual company trip to the Netherlands was a triumph. It exemplified how work and play can seamlessly coexist, leading to fruitful collaborations and unforgettable memories. We returned home with a renewed sense of purpose, excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Here's to many more successful adventures!


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