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Riva rentals & Riva makelaars

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Riva rentals & Riva makelaars - Riva multi device

Best cooperation is a long term one. One that lasts, and is growing as the businesses are growing. That is the case with Future Forward and Riva, both leaders in real estate in the Netherlands. We designed and developed many versions of the websites for Riva, this one being the latest.

As your company grows, so does the need to be marketed and displayed. So we have a master CMS built for our partner, where he controls multiple websites from. And, as usual, we used our favorite SilverStripe to build it. We invested in a well-thought, mobile first UX design and combined it with nice features as lazy loading and an animated customer journey.

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Rivarentals.nl, Rivarentals.com

Year: 2019
Categories: Website, Web, UX, Animation, Platform, Silverstripe