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A Custom Website Development Journey to Improvements: PharmaOffer Case Study


At Future Forward, we embarked on an exciting collaboration with PharmaOffer, a dynamic startup making waves in the pharmaceutical industry. Our mission was clear: to revolutionize their online presence through comprehensive custom website development. Let's dive into the transformative journey.


Tailoring Memberships for Success

The client wanted more flexibility in their membership plans. Understanding the significance of providing a personalized service, we implemented a groundbreaking feature. This feature allowed the client to provide custom membership solutions to each client, which are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each client. So from a one-size-fits-all model, it's a personalized approach that truly separates them in the industry.


Custom web development company services

Enhanced User Experience with Clear Visual Cues

One of the challenges our client faced was the visibility of products for non-logged-in users. To address this, we implemented a clear visual message, ensuring users understand that accessing the products required logging in. It's a seemingly "small" change that has a significant impact on user engagement and satisfaction.


Sitemap Woes Fixed for Seamless Navigation

Effortless navigation is paramount for any website. We resolved sitemap issues, ensuring a smooth and efficient navigation experience for users and improving the discoverability of client's offerings on search engines. It's about making information readily available and easily accessible.


Streamlined Payment Processes and Discount Corrections 

A seamless payment process is critical for any e-commerce platform. We fine-tuned the client's payment system, addressing glitches and refining the discount mechanism. Now, transactions are not just transactions; they are seamless, reliable interactions that contribute to a positive user experience.


Responsive Dashboards for Any Device

User-friendly dashboards are a priority in today's multi-device landscape. To cater to diverse users, we revamped the dashboard styles for responsiveness. Now, regardless of the device, users can access our client's platform with optimal convenience and usability.


Custom web development company redesign


Elevating the Company Page

A company's online representation is as crucial as its physical one. Our client's company page received a strategic makeover. From refining map and marker details to enabling direct visitor contact through the site, we added thoughtful elements like popups, contributing to an enhanced user experience that fosters engagement.


Analytics Mastery with Google

In the digital age, data is power. We assisted PharmaOffer in enhancing their analytics game with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Now armed with actionable insights, they can make informed decisions that drive their digital strategy and business growth.


EasyAdmin Upgrades and Additions

Efficient backend operations are the backbone of any successful online venture. For the client, we implemented improvements and additions to EasyAdmin, ensuring their backend processes are not just streamlined but optimized for peak efficiency. It's about making the backend work seamlessly to support the frontend experience.


SEO Magic for Visibility

A robust online presence demands professional SEO. We worked our magic, implementing SEO improvements that boost client's visibility in search engine results. Being seen is the first step to being chosen, and our strategic SEO enhancements ensure they stand out in a competitive landscape.


Technical Enhancements and Bug Squashing 

Beyond the spotlight, we delved into technical enhancements and rigorous bug fixes. Our goal: a website that not only looks good but also operates seamlessly. By addressing technical intricacies and eliminating bugs, we ensure our client's platform is not just visually appealing but functionally impeccable.


The Execution: Harnessing Expertise with Dedicated Developers

To bring client's vision to life, we outsourced two dedicated PHP and full-stack developers. Why two? Knowledge sharing and continuous workflow were paramount. This dynamic duo ensured a seamless development process, addressing every intricate detail of custom membership plans, sitemap glitches, payment system intricacies, and beyond. The synergy of our dedicated developers empowered PharmaOffer to usher in a new era of flexibility and user-centricity in the pharmaceutical domain.


Languages and Tools: PHP, Symfony, EasyAdmin, Docker

The foundation of our solution lies in industry-leading technologies such as PHP, Symfony, EasyAdmin, and Docker. A robust stack for a robust solution. These technologies, coupled with our expertise, form the backbone of a platform ready to lead in the competitive landscape.

In conclusion, our journey with PharmaOffer exemplifies the prowess of custom website development. We transformed challenges into opportunities, and the result is a digital platform ready to conquer the pharmaceutical landscape.

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Year: 2023
Categories: Web, Website

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