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Revolutionizing Print: Xella's Digital Magazine Journey


Client Introduction

Envision a print magazine that is not limited to paper but also expands into the digital realm, providing its readers with a seamless experience. Our client, Xella, a forward-thinking corporation based in the Netherlands, recognized this vision. Specializing in building materials, our client sought to transform its traditional paper magazine into a dynamic digital version, opening up new avenues for engaging content delivery.



Our client faced the challenge of bridging the gap between traditional and modern media. While still producing paper magazines for their audience, they desired a digital counterpart to enhance accessibility and interactivity. Their aim was to enable readers to effortlessly transition between the physical and digital worlds, making content consumption more versatile.


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Our Solution

Enter Future Forward, the outsourcing partner that collaborated with Xella to bring this vision to life. Instead of abandoning the paper magazine, we continued its production, leveraging a blend of traditional and digital approaches. For selected topics earmarked for digitalization, we utilized a content management system (CMS) to create dynamic content. Here's the innovative twist – we generated QR codes and short links for this digital content, seamlessly integrating it into their paper magazines.

The objective was clear: facilitate easy access for users. The enhanced digital magazine allowed users to navigate effortlessly, unconstrained by the limitations of print. The client could now incorporate videos, images, and text without the confines of paper, fostering a richer reading experience. With biannual publications starting from November 2016, the magazine archives are accessible on their website, providing a journey through the company's evolution.



The digital magazine has become a private haven, requiring login credentials for access. This approach ensures exclusivity and a personalized reading experience for client's audience. The move to digital has not only streamlined content delivery but has also significantly reduced the environmental footprint associated with traditional printing.


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Tech Collaboration

To achieve this feat, Future Forward outsourced a talented team of web designers and developers. Their expertise was instrumental in creating a user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth transition between the tangible and the virtual. This collaboration has not just modernized client's magazine but has elevated their content delivery strategy.

In a world where digital experiences reign supreme, our client's digital magazine stands as a testament to the seamless integration of traditional and modern media. This innovative approach has not only enhanced user engagement but has positioned the client at the forefront of companies embracing the digital evolution.


Embrace the Future

If Xella's journey has sparked your curiosity about the potential of digital magazine web development, Future Forward is here to turn your ideas into reality. Join us in embracing the future of content delivery.


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