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A brand new website

Allport - responsive showcase mockup2

Does your website feel old and cluttered? Maybe it's time for a fresh coat of paint... 

Allport realized this and helped us redesign their website

We listened closely to our client's needs. We made a thorough comparison with their competitors to craft the best possible online experience that would represent this great company. Below is a digest of what we've done to their old website.


Mobile first design

Mobile first is essentially a user centric approach. The main feature of any website, regardless of your company's business model, is content. Content is the main reason why users keep flocking to your website, whether to engage with it or buy your content. Combined with the mobile first approach, your content is served and optimized for all mobile devices, as well as their owners, the users. What it all boils down to is this - the user centric approach to redesign yields content centric websites. This means that your visitors will have a better time interacting with your content, and the more traffic you get on your website, the more likely it is that some of those visitors will become your customers. That is a direct Return on Investment.


Modern design

Market trends have shifted. And, yes, users have also changed. Allport recognized the need to redesign their website in accordance with these new demands. But for us, it wasn't just about the modern design, the "flat" colors, the icons, the flashy animations. Nope.

It was about organizing the Allport content and features to be more useful and informative for their users.

The Allport website has all the best practices in design and development built right into it. Clear information structure goes hand in hand with the minimalist approach to design - plenty of white space for the content to "breathe", big readable typography, effective imagery.


Lazy loading

Let's go easy on the bandwidth, especially for the mobile users. It can quickly get very crowded and expensive on a metered network bandwidth, so why waste it.


The images on the Allport website provide critical information, visual appeal and important 'break points' for the user. 

Nevertheless, a major issue here is that you can easily end up with a page load problem if there's a lot of data (read: images) on a page. With lazy loading, however, you get both easier-on-the-load-time as well as user delight with an effective animation.

We made the Allport website load lighting fast and all its content to play nicely.

We all need to adapt to the changes which have come in the recent years, or more likely, changes that occur every minute in the web industry; minutes, which outside of the world of technology sound like an epoch. The landscape is changing ever so rapidly, and there is always a huge gap in the way of a non-tech related company that makes it virtually impossible to follow up on all those changes. Nevertheless, your business still depends on your website as one of its major channels of commerce, which is of such importance that no modern company can do without it today.

Future Forward is always ready to jump in and bridge the gap for you. 

Here is a peek at some of the Allport designs. 


Year: 2017
Categories: Website