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Oct 21. Software

The main advantages of a property management system

A property management system has changed the way property managers, hotels and building managers deal with various management tasks.

A property management system has changed the way property managers, hotels and building managers deal with various management tasks. Property management software has made managing property management easier and more efficient. 

Administrative tasks are time-consuming. This can inadvertently diminish the focus on core activities. Property management software is a reliable solution for tackling challenges. Automate business activities that typically require hours of work. Besides, the benefits go far beyond just saving time. Curious how your company or real estate can benefit from real estate management systems? We have listed the most important advantages:

Tailor-made property management software

There is numerous software to manage your property. Many of these software solutions are focused on the mass market. This means that they contain too many functionalities, many of which are unnecessary. Choosing the wrong system that doesn't suit your needs both costs money and is time-consuming. Simple, because you will still have the same problems. Hence, it is beneficial to use tailor-made real estate management software specifically developed to meet your requirements.

Read here - "How Our Property Management System Improved Secoya's Performance." 

Efficient communication

Managing multiple buildings requires good communication between landlords, tenants and visitors. Contact between tenants can sometimes be difficult. Especially if the contact is only via email and telephone. With a property management system, this barrier is eliminated and you improve the way you communicate with all parties involved. A property management system enables landlords, tenants and visitors to share information quickly and clearly. Tenants can log in to their own profile and perform all necessary actions. By providing access to a portal, the tenants can report a maintenance request at any time of the day, follow every update, and contact the landlords. Typically, tenants are automatically notified when the rent changes, when late fees occur, when it is the tenant's turn to sign a lease, and when a maintenance request receives an update. You can also send a personal message to one person or a group of tenants. This leads to solidarity, a strong communication flow and improved cooperation between the parties.

Real-time access to information

Property management requires a lot of administration and documentation. Having a clear overview can therefore sometimes be difficult.  Property management software ensures that all information regarding documentation, rental agreements, bookings, registrations are always accessible to the designated persons. By storing the information in the cloud, every party stays up-to-date and everyone stays aligned. Transparency creates trust and by keeping all this information in one place, you offer your tenants, visitors and all parties involved peace of mind.

Besides the fact that a property management system ensures that everything is organized, centralizing documentation has another advantage. It protects you from losing data or misplacing files. This will prevent unnecessary delays.

Seamless maintenance management

As a property manager, you want the properties to be in good condition for the next tenants and visitors. A good system supports you with maintenance tickets. Administrators and maintenance personnel have access to these tickets. Maintaining and maintaining the properties in an efficient and organized way is very easy in this way.

Mobility and scalability

Cloud software has many advantages and mainly means for real estate managers: freedom, convenience and peace of mind. Everything is organized on one platform that can be accessed via desktop and an app. With improved access to important information, you can complete activities faster and respond more quickly to the needs of your tenants and visitors. Mobility is therefore a huge advantage for property managers and building managers who are constantly running from location to location. Also, mobility ensures high satisfaction among tenants and visitors.

Plus, as you grow your property, the software grows with you. Storage can be easily expanded when you need it. This is especially useful if you have multiple buildings. Scalability allows property managers to add space to additional tenants, employees, suppliers, visitors and more.


The maintenance of outdated management systems is often complicated and expensive. It's not something an administrator can simply ignore. Old systems can become slow or unstable. Security is at stake and you run the risk of sensitive data being discarded. That is why protecting and securing sensitive data is so important. The scalable software is automatically updated. As a result, any security vulnerabilities are quickly resolved and the software is fast and stable.

Property management software improves the performance of your business. From checking payments, registering visitors, to managing the catering. A real estate management system helps you to improve all your business activities. With the automation, you save valuable time, a higher level of satisfaction that you can use in the growth of your company.

In short, choosing a property management software has many advantages such as:

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Minimizes administration costs
  • Documentation and tasks centralized on one platform
  • Facilitates order management
  • Improves communication between all parties
  • Provides insight into daily managerial tasks
  • Provides real-time coordination between multiple users
  • Facilitates delegating work and keeping deadlines
  • Notification and alert function
  • Automates the daily operational workflow
  • Automates finances and maintenance.

Additionally, the software is cloud-based, which also has its advantages:

  • Cheaper
  • It offers automatic backups and updates
  • Flexible and increases efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Integration with other software
  • Accessible from various devices

Looking for a reliable property management system?

Propcentral, developed by Future Forward, transforms the building into a modern comfortable environment and connects managers, tenants and visitors. Propcentral has now been rolled out and recognized by real estate organizations in Europe such as Cushman & Wakefield, UBS and Schiphol RE.

Everything in our buildings has to be at the highest service level. We’ve managed to achieve this level with the help of PropCentral. Managing everything is so simple now and most important; at one digital platform! Tenants are delighted with its features. Maike van der Weijden, Cushman & Wakefield, Hospitality Manager SECOYA

Everything is within reach with the following Propcentral tools:

  • Visitor registration
  • Manage appointments
  • Reservation of workplaces and meeting rooms
  • Ticket system for (technical) maintenance and support
  • Catering module
  • Parking management
  • Document manager
  • Community manager


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The main advantages of a property management system

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