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Nov 5. Software

How can your business benefit from an Enterprise app?

The past decades have seen tremendous growth in the use of mobile applications for businesses.

The past decades have seen tremendous growth in the use of mobile applications for businesses. Small, medium and large companies are increasingly using an enterprise app to facilitate their entire business process. It allows them to integrate everything from software applications to hardware systems.

Enterprise App

''An enterprise app provides a smart and efficient way to run the business.''

And let an enterprise app be the perfect solution for this. A business app helps to increase employee engagement, as well as improve the decision-making process, increase productivity. Besides, there are many more advantages. Does your company not yet have an app? Here are the benefits of a custom app for your business:

Increase productivity

Communication is a factor that has a major impact on productivity. A strong communication flow ensures the faster completion of certain business processes.

An enterprise app provides more mobility among employees. With a company app, employees have all information at their fingertips. This provides an easier way of communicating between different departments, project teams and individual employees. Also, it ensures better and quicker collaboration, which leads to more motivation and better results. In short, an enterprise app:

  • Is accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Provides flexibility
  • Improves internal communication

Save time with an efficient workflow

Most companies use different software. Probably your company too. However, you probably want all information to be accessible in one place. Integrations make this possible. By integrating with the company's existing systems, the content is merged. So, no time has to be spent on unnecessary duplicating certain content. Employees no longer have to walk from one place to another to gather necessary data and documents, because they will have all the information in one place. Processes are automatically updated, this eliminates the responsibilities for data processing. All in all, this saves time and contributes to an efficient workflow.

Involvement and brand experience

Internal brand experience is just as important as the external brand experience. After all, you want the employees to feel involved and think along in the interest of the organization. A custom enterprise app with the design & look and feel of your organization supports the involvement of the staff. This is enhanced by access to contact information of employees. In short, it ensures interconnection.

With a company app, you can easily inform employees via personal notifications about the latest news, important internal information, internal vacancies and more. Besides, it is possible to use feedback forms. This way you know exactly what your staff needs and the app remains up-to-date and user-friendly.

A successful enterprise app for SPIE Netherlands

SPIE Nederland allowed us to develop an enterprise app for them. Our collaboration with SPIE Nederland was a huge success, resulting in more than 1,000 downloads of the app within a week of its launch.

IN SPIE Enterprise app

The INSPIE enterprise app for SPIE Nederland. 

Looking for a custom enterprise app? - We are happy to help! 

An internal app for your company streamlines processes, increases productivity and increases flexibility. All these benefits make your organization more competitive, keep staff happy and help you stay ahead of the competition. Visit the Incompany website or contact us

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How can your business benefit from an Enterprise app?

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