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Jul 7.

Wayfindr: All your wayfinding signs within one system

Normally, it would take a lot of time to change the signs that guide your visitors to their destination, whether there was a name change involved or if the restroom, a restaurant, or even an entire company was moving to a new place. It’s not easy having a positive visitor experience when these signs are outdated and customers get lost as a result, or don’t get the service they expected. Imagine there was a system that could locate and change every digital sign. Yes, we are talking about Wayfindr.

Wayfindr is a centralized platform that can contain all your wayfinding objects and map them out. You can manage your digital name boards, signs, floor maps, and even your digital reception so you can make a name change in a split second. Our Wayfindr software lets you incorporate every information source that's relevant to your visitors on their way from point A to their destination. And that's how this software solution can improve your service and lower your costs.

One system for all name changes

With Wayfindr, it would be easy to change signs remotely from the cloud and implement different smart solutions, such as beacons that can send information along the way or notify that your visitor is there. All the wayfinding signage in your building could be managed in a few steps. Maptomize would help people find their way by offering maps, Digital Reception would guide people through your building by checking them in and providing them with additional information, and digital Nameboards would help them orientate by showing the names of people or companies, and so on. From one central system, you’d have an overview of all of these products and you would be able to edit them.

How Wayfindr is used across different branches

Wilma is 52 years old and is organizing an event. She needs to make a quick name change during this event due to some unforeseen circumstances. This is quite important and she needs to inform the visitors that water damage has occurred in one location and that the event participant has moved to another location. There are more than 20 signs at the participant's location. Wilma gets behind the computer and informs the visitors of the new location via a message and advises them to be cautious due to slippery floors. The visitors are able to quickly find their way to the new location, and Wilma is satisfied with the result.

Liz is a 53-year-old property manager of a large office building with many flex offices. Liz thought that everything digital was too complex and had experimented with digital signage in the entrance hall in the past. She was using analog signage. During a name change, she was often on the phone with different suppliers. The signage had to be changed in 20 places in the building frequently and had to look different. This significantly increased the cost and the time needed to complete the change. Now she uses Wayfindr and is very happy she can easily change the signs in a split second. Liz had additionally been given the mission of making the building more sustainable. Wayfindr also works with energy-efficient E-Ink screens, completely wireless and on a battery, and can thus contribute to the energy goals set by the building.

Chris is a 43-year-old facility manager at a hospital. They already use signage at the hospital to guide the visitors to the right destination. He uses analog signs and different signage systems for this like digital reception, digital signage, visitor queue management, and digital floor maps. It would take quite some time to implement a change of, for example, a hospital wing that has been moved and all the signs like directions, names, etc. In addition, he would have to hire a graphic designer every time to make it look presentable. Chris now uses Wayfindr and has a clear overview of the whole signage in the hospital. All digital signs that have names on them can now easily and quickly be updated.

Linked & integrated

In order to be able to use digital reception and name boards for your company’s offices, you will need the same data. The system also requires the same data in order to have a digital floor map via Maptomize. That’s one of the things that makes Wayfindr so convenient: all these smart solutions can be available through one centralized system.
Existing information from the web is linked to a screen through the apps, so that it broadcasts the news, timetables, announcements, etc. And the most important thing is that we can develop such apps for your organization based on your existing software. This would save precious time since you wouldn’t have to input the same data twice.
Desired content can be added for all objects of wayfinding. Implementing Wayfindr could greatly improve both visitor experience and employee satisfaction.

It is always nice to be able to visualise how a certain system works. Luckily, we have an explanation video! Take a look here.

Emilija Nikolic

and Kia Groeneveld