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future forward rafting cover image
Jul 8. Team Events

Our Rafting Adventure

Challenge accepted!

Last weekend, we embarked on one of the coolest adventures so far. Since everyone involved was up for a challenge of some kind, rafting came up as an obvious choice. We hit the road on Friday morning, excited about trying something new and daring.

The road often taken

Our first stop was, of course, a famous restaurant near the town of Čačak. Some say it was the best pork they ever tried! One thing is sure, it was a nice way to start this journey.

future forward team in tavern

From there, we went straight to Višegrad and the famous bridge on the Drina river. We also took a stroll around Andrićgrad and enjoyed sightseeing. Although short, the visit was inspiring, from the incredible shades of green all the way to the rich history of the place.

future forward team in andric grad

We’ve arrived!

Finally, we got to our destination. The gracious hosts from Adventure Tara greeted us with open arms and good food. Naturally, we spent some time by the campfire, with cold beers and lots of laughs.

Future Forward in Adventure Tara



Even though the ride to the starting point was bumpy, the minute we got out of the van, we immediately understood that it was worth it. The nature around us was breathtaking, and we couldn’t wait to start our descent down the river.

future forward on the road

Having geared up and listened to safety protocols, we were finally gliding down the river Tara. Yes, the water was cold and wild, but that wasn’t going to stop us.

future forward prepared for rafting

The white waters quickly embraced us, and we realized it would take all of our strength to stay afloat. The fact that we could lose control over the boat at any moment was what made our adrenaline go through the roof.

Future Forward Overcomes The Waves

We somehow managed to pass the river rapids unscathed and with all the people still onboard, so we started cheering. The long trip to the canyon and a sleepless night - it was all worth it.

Saying goodbye

This was an unforgettable adventure, and everything we saw was simply stunning, but it was time for us to go home. We said goodbye to our hosts and hit the road. Since neither of us wanted this trip to end, we made a stop at Drvengrad first.

future forward team in drven grad

And, as it usually happens, that was not the end of our weekend. To top it all off, we went carting! And as per usual, Peđa won.

future forward karting race

We made it home after all that, exhausted, but happy. It was something we would certainly repeat! Until then, we’re off to new challenges!

Emilija Nikolić