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How using a real estate management system can improve performance

Are you a property manager or building manager? Do you find dealing with tasks such as rent payments and maintenance questions extremely time-consuming? Software has changed the way real estate managers deal with different tasks and has made managing real estate a lot easier. Every real estate management business is different. This is why real estate management software involves a high degree of customization. From small companies to large ones, every company can use real estate management systems.


What is property management software?

Simply put, this is software designed specifically for real estate managers and companies.  Its purpose is to assist them in planning and managing management tasks such as, visitor registration, appointments, catering, parking management.


Efficient communication

In order to ensure smooth management between all parties, excellent communication is a must. However, communication between owners, managers, tenants and visitors is not always easy. What makes communication and collaboration transparent and efficient is the instant accessibility of the management software. This way, tasks and activities run faster and the software ensures that the workflow is improved. A Property Management System allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Instant emergency warnings and notification messages
  • Messaging alerts that allow employees to contact one another
  • General staff updates can be sent directly to all users by administrators
  • Group-specific messages about room reservations, events or meetings

In order to simplify the process, users can book rooms on-demand. Let the visitor reserve the nearest or the most appropriate space for a specified duration. Dynamic updates allow other users to see which rooms have already been booked and which rooms are still available. This way, more rooms are booked and the amount of revenue increases.


Security and updates

Maintenance of outdated management systems is more often than not very complicated and expensive. It is not something that an administrator can simply ignore. In addition, old management systems can become slow or unstable. Finally, security is often compromised and you run into the risk of having your sensitive data exposed. This is why protecting and securing your sensitive data is extremely important. Scalable software is automatically updated. As a result, any potential security leaks can be quickly resolved, while keeping the software fast and stable.

In addition, confusing software systems often create frustration for all their users. For real estate managers, this means that fewer users tend to use the software and prefer to look for other communication methods, such as using the telephone, for example. As a consequence, information is not collected in one centralized location, and the administrators can miss out on some piece of vital information. The software is regularly tested in terms of user experience and it listens to users’ complaints. This feedback is afterwards incorporated into the final product. This is why every update brings a better experience for the end user.



Developed by Future Forward, PropCentral transforms the office into a modern comfortable environment and connects managers, tenants and visitors of a building. PropCentral has now been successfully rolled out and recognized by real estate organizations in Europe, such as Cushman & Wakefield, UBS and Schiphol RE.

With the following PropCentral tools, everything is at your fingertips:

  • Visitor registration
  • Managing appointments
  • Reservations of workplaces and meeting rooms
  • Ticket system for (technical) maintenance and support
  • Catering and banqueting module
  • Parking management
  • Document manager
  • Community manager 

Would you like to know more? Visit us at PropCentral or contact us directly.