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What are digital information screens and what are the possibilities for your company?

What is a digital information screen?

Information screens are also called narrowcasting screens or digital signage. This way of communication can be seen all around us. Information screens have many possibilities and more and more companies are using them. Consider, using digital signage as an example, all the different types of wayfinding signage, waiting room signage and digital menu boards in office buildings, museums, universities and public spaces. It is simple, efficient and can be applied in any company, regardless of its line of business. In addition, when it comes to different types of content that these information screens can serve, the possibilities are truly endless. Wondering how digital signage can support your business?


Communicate with your target audience

Information screens communicate your message to a specific target group at any given time. Whether it's about marketing and advertising, wayfinding, entertainment or simply informing visitors, digital signage is a good investment for any company.

For example, a baker can advertise their breakfast in the morning and their desserts in the evening. A real estate agent can use digital signage to display all the apartments they have at their disposal. And, a hairdresser can display their booking calendar and whether there is room for an appointment.


More than just a screen

The possibilities in the field of digital signage are endless. By leveraging the power of the accompanying digital signage software, you can easily manage your content for one or more screens simultaneously all from a single, remote location. The software live updates ensure that the content always remains up-to-date. This way, you always show your visitors the current information.

Digital signage is more than just a screen! Interactivity also plays an increasing role in information provision. Interactive digital signage uses touchscreen displays. This allows the viewer to actively choose the information that is displayed. Some examples of this usage are digital receptions and visitor information kiosks. Click here to read how the IKEA store in Barendrecht prefers to use our touch screen kiosks! 

Are you looking for a suitable digital signage solution?

Castit is our own digital signage software platform. With Castit you communicate your message to your target group simply and professionally. Whether this is website information, social media feed, work schedules, meetings or business performance, anything is possible. Castit is easy for everyone to use and connects your business with your audience. Register now or take a look at our Castit website.


Looking for durable information screens?

Sustainable Signage is a durable digital signage solution. These screens can be used in places where static information is more important than moving images. Provide visitors with various content such as wayfinding, nameplates, room reservations, train times and menu boards. Connect your organization with your audience. Feel free to take a look at our Sustainable Signage website.

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