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Digital Signage for Megastores: Enhancing Indoor Navigation at IKEA

Cutting-Edge Digital Navigation Solutions

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Transforming the Shopping Experience with Smart Digital Wayfinding


Indoor navigation and wayfinding have become crucial aspects of the shopping experience, especially in large megastores like IKEA. With the advancement of technology and the rising popularity of digital signage, the need to transform traditional floor signs into interactive and efficient solutions has become evident. In this case study, we explore how IKEA, the renowned household brand, partnered with us to revolutionize its in-store navigation using our cutting-edge indoor touchscreen map software, Maptomize.

Understanding IKEA's Vision

IKEA has always been at the forefront of innovation, and its interest in indoor location technology goes back to its early days. As the demand for seamless indoor navigation grew, they recognized the importance of adopting digital solutions to enhance customer experience and streamline their massive megastore layout.


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Challenges of Traditional Wayfinding

Before our collaboration, IKEA relied on traditional wayfinding boards that often led to confusion among shoppers due to the store's extensive maze-like layout. Customers found it challenging to locate specific products or navigate efficiently, resulting in a less-than-optimal shopping experience.

The Transformation with Maptomize

To address these challenges, we deployed Maptomize, our powerful indoor touchscreen map software, customized to fit IKEA's design philosophy and branding. We strategically installed three large 42-inch touchscreens throughout their store in Barendrecht, the Netherlands, ensuring optimal visibility and accessibility for shoppers.

User-Friendly Navigation

The interactive touchscreens quickly caught the attention of visitors, who found it easy and intuitive to use. Shoppers now have the ability to browse through the latest IKEA catalog, explore available special offers, and efficiently plan their shopping journey by finding the most direct routes to their desired items.

Seamless Mobile Integration

Maptomize takes convenience to the next level by allowing users to transfer the entire application onto their mobile devices. This means customers can continue their navigation effortlessly, carrying all the necessary information with them as they shop throughout the store.

Gaining Insights

Beyond enhancing customer experience, Maptomize also provides IKEA with valuable statistical and analytical data. The application records and analyzes customers' search queries, helping the store gain insights into popular products, shopper preferences, and traffic patterns.


With Maptomize, IKEA has successfully transformed its traditional wayfinding approach into a sophisticated and interactive digital signage solution. The seamless integration of technology and design philosophy has elevated the indoor navigation experience for shoppers, making their visit to IKEA more enjoyable and efficient. By embracing digital signage for megastores, IKEA has reinforced its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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Can I access the Maptomize application from my mobile device?
Absolutely! Maptomize allows users to transfer the entire application to their mobile phones for convenient navigation.

How many touchscreens were installed in the Barendrecht store?
Three large 42-inch touchscreens were strategically placed throughout the store for optimal accessibility.

Does Maptomize provide statistical data to IKEA?
Yes, the application records and supplies IKEA with statistical and analytical data to gain valuable insights into customer behavior.

Can I find special offers using Maptomize?
Yes, Maptomize allows users to browse through the latest IKEA catalog and explore available special offers.

Is the Maptomize interface user-friendly?
Absolutely! The interactive touchscreens make navigation easy and intuitive for all shoppers.

Ikea store maptomize - find your way through the store

Year: 2015
Categories: Touchscreen, Mobile, Maptomize

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