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Touchscreen Application for Opticians: Revolutionizing Eyewear Selection

Redefining Eyewear Selection with Touchscreen Technology

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Embracing the Future of Eyewear Selection

In the world of opticians, a revolutionary change is on the horizon. Introducing the touchscreen application for opticians, an innovative solution that is set to transform the way eyewear is selected and experienced. This cutting-edge application blends technology with style, offering customers a seamless and interactive way to find their perfect pair of glasses.


As the world embraces digital innovations, opticians are leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance the eyewear selection experience. One such breakthrough is the development of a revolutionary touchscreen application for opticians and their customers. In this article, we explore the exceptional features and benefits of the Optics Instore Touchscreen App (OITA) and the Optician Home Web App (OHWA) that are reshaping the way customers interact with eyewear.

1. Entrepreneur Optician with a Great Idea

At the heart of this transformation lies the vision of Adcons4u, an ambitious entrepreneur optician with a compelling idea. Collaborating with our team, the dream of a state-of-the-art touchscreen application that enables 3D try-ons of glasses came to life. The challenge was embraced, and the journey of innovation began.

2. Optics Instore Touchscreen App (OITA)

OITA is a specialized application designed exclusively for the optics industry, delivering a seamless and interactive experience for customers in optician stores. Let's explore the remarkable features of OITA:

2.1. Stay Informed While Waiting

Customers can stay engaged while waiting in the shop by accessing the latest news and weather forecast on the interactive touchscreen.

2.2. Comprehensive Eyewear Information

OITA provides a wealth of information about grinding glasses, cleaning tips, the latest trends in spectacles and contact lenses, and more, ensuring customers are well-informed about their eyewear choices.

2.3. Virtual Try-On and Comparison

The highlight of OITA is the ability for customers to try on different frames virtually. They can capture photos of themselves wearing various glasses and compare them side by side, making the decision-making process more enjoyable.

2.4. Personalized Assistance

As an invaluable sales assistant, OITA allows opticians to demonstrate the effect of specific glasses using videos or photos, delivering personalized experiences that leave a lasting impact.

3. Optician Home Web App (OHWA)

OHWA complements OITA flawlessly, extending the interactive eyewear selection experience to customers' homes. Let's delve into the features of OHWA:

Optician Home Web App (OHWA)

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3.1. Virtual Catalog and Webcam Try-On

Customers can access a portion of the eyewear collection through the optician's website and virtually try on glasses using their webcam. Real-time rendering of glasses on the customer's face makes the online shopping journey more immersive.

3.2. Online Customer Profile

OHWA creates personalized customer profiles through easy sign-up options like Facebook, Twitter, Google, or email. Facial analysis tools offer automatic or user-customizable frame recommendations based on the customer's facial features.

3.3. Engaging 3D Virtual Try-On

With OHWA, customers can virtually try on glasses using their webcam, allowing them to view the glasses from all angles and witness how they move in real-time with their facial expressions.

3.4. Expanding Business Horizons

Embracing digitalization, the optician can now have a 24/7 online presence, extending services beyond their physical store. Online advertising and social media presence enhance brand recognition and attract a broader consumer base.

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The touchscreen application for opticians has redefined the eyewear selection process, combining innovation with customer-centric experiences. OITA and OHWA empower customers with interactive try-ons and comprehensive information, while assisting opticians in delivering personalized services. As technology continues to reshape the eyewear industry, these innovative applications unlock a realm of exciting opportunities for opticians and their esteemed clientele.

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Can opticians integrate OITA and OHWA seamlessly?
Absolutely! OITA and OHWA are designed to work together harmoniously, providing a cohesive system that enhances the customer journey.

Are the virtual try-ons accurate representations of the glasses?
Yes, the virtual try-ons in both OITA and OHWA are meticulously rendered in 3D, providing customers with realistic and accurate representations of the glasses.

Is OHWA user-friendly for customers of all ages?
OHWA is intuitively designed, ensuring a user-friendly experience for customers of all ages, even those less familiar with technology.

How can opticians benefit from OITA and OHWA integration?
By integrating OITA and OHWA, opticians can streamline their sales process, offer personalized recommendations, and expand their customer base through enhanced online presence.

Can customers reserve glasses through OHWA?
Yes, OHWA allows customers to reserve their chosen pair of glasses while making an appointment, ensuring a seamless and convenient eyewear selection process.

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