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Wayfinding in buildings - 4 reasons for digital signage

We often don't notice it, but signage in buildings is extremely important. Nobody gets excited about getting lost in an unfamiliar building. Yet this is still a common occurrence, especially in larger buildings and offices with conference rooms and flex offices. That is why having a logical and clear signage system is essential, especially when it comes to large dynamic offices where nameplates frequently change.

More and more buildings are opting for digital signage solutions and are replacing static signage because it is outdated and impractical. Static signage is also inconvenient, especially for buildings and environments which are changing at a rapid pace, such as flex offices or static name and door signs. Static information is often not detailed enough, incomplete or not organized in a way that makes it easy to find the destination you're looking for. What used to be static is now going through a rapid digitization process.

Digital signage in buildings

Digital signage has countless possibilities and advantages over static signage. Nowadays, digital signage solutions can be found everywhere. Some common examples are: corporate offices, meeting and event venues such as hotels, convention centres and resorts, universities and colleges, medical and hospital facilities and other amenities.

There are numerous possibilities in the field of digital signage, such as digital screens, digital receptions, digital nameplates and touchscreen information screens. But, what are the main advantages of digital signage compared to static signage?

Faster decision making

Digital signage helps speed up decision making. For example, you arrive at the office and there are ten different rooms where you can work. Instead of checking every room to see if there is space, you can see through the screen that there are two rooms available on the fifth floor. So you don't have to go down every floor in order to check which workplace is free. Clear information and navigation in the building ensures faster decision-making and saves time and frustration for employees and visitors in the building.

Always up to date

Unlike static signage, digital signage always provides you with current information and directs people where they need to go. Static signage is simply not practical. When it comes to static signage, implementing signage changes or nameplate changes takes an enormous ammount of time and money. This is especially so if you are dealing with a fast-paced environment, where there are many changes of company names, such as meeting rooms, flex offices, etc. With digital signage, these changes can be made with a single click. In short, the digital signage software ensures that the content is always up to date.

Detailed information

By using digital signage solutions, you provide your visitors with detailed information. Static signage only shows Location X "You are here" and this is Location Y. However, digital signage can provide a specific path and directions so your visitors don't get lost.

Supporting the corporate image

Strategically placed digital signage not only helps visitors navigate a complex space but also improves brand image and the overall user experience. Your brand image is directly linked to your visitor experience.

Wayfinding helps create that experience. Organizations with large buildings must ensure that the public can navigate their premises efficiently and in a stress-free environment, while at the same time going through all the necessary contact points. This way, your visitors will leave your building with a positive experience - an experience that further strengthens your company image.

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