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TORO building

About TORO

TORO building is an innovative business environment located in Zürich, Switzerland. Efficient floor plans offer a lot of space that can be used as offices, galleries, or showrooms, and a well-connected location makes TORO convenient and sought after. Many big companies chose to be tenants at TORO, such as PDF Tools, Hitachi ABB, and Insurando.

Time-consuming and inefficient everyday processes

Our task was digitalizing the reception at the TORO building and making it easier both for the tenants and the landlords. Our Digital Reception Solution fit perfect for that. Communication in an office building this large is always difficult, and simple day-to-day tasks can take up a lot of time. That is why it’s important to have a management system that ensures internal communication and takes care of everyday administrative tasks. However, security is imperative to us, as well as all our clients, so one of the challenges was to provide different types of cards to different users. Also, we wanted to develop a solution that would be appealing to all the users, with a beautiful, user-friendly design.

Digitizing and simplifying Toro's receptional process

Our reception solution is API-based, and it can be easily managed by another in-house software. The tenants control the visitor cards through a hardware dispenser. This gives them and activates access control.

The technology we used for it is node.js along with nwjs to shape it into a desktop app. React is our frontend of choice. We used C# for the drivers of the hardware, like dispensers, QR readers, and cameras, along with other multimedia. Of course, room booking and digital signage are connected to the same system.
This way, we made the check-in process easy and digital, yet safe. Both the visitors and the tenants have fewer things to worry about with the TORO welcome wallboard. It’s easy to use, beautifully designed, and reliable.

In order to check in, visitors need to scan the QR code or enter the code they got in their invitation email. After the check-in is completed, a message with the visitor details and company details will be shown. Also, the system will inform the host that the visitors have arrived, and the visitors will get the message that the host is on their way to pick them up. In case visitors haven’t received an invitation, they will need to choose an option for checking in without the guest pass, and then choose the company. This way, they will start a phone call with the company and get all the information needed. All the visitors will get emails so they can check in. The host will be in charge of getting the guest pass to the visitor. Once they are ready to leave, the visitors will return the guest pass. The process is simple yet secure, and it boasts an innovative look, too.

Reliable and quick property management

Our custom software solution has made property management at the TORO building quicker and more reliable. The visitors have the option of an easy check-in, both with or without a guest pass, with the possibility of calling the company directly, in case the check-in fails. We made scheduling meetings and inviting people seamless with email bots and QR codes and formed a full circle with returning the cards. In order to create a meeting, our email bot is entered in the guest section when an event on the calendar is made. When the bot receives the event invitation, it will extract the information and create a meeting and send the information to everyone by email. This saves time and eliminates the need to enter our system to make an appointment - the bot will take care of everything. This option proved to be very useful and one of the users’ favorites.

Monotonous reception tasks are automated, and the clients have insight into visits made to their company. Furthermore, contactless registration saves time for both visitors and the company. It’s a digital welcome that provides support for the visitor and the tenant alike. It offers a beautiful design, a simple UI, and most importantly, safety. It’s a digital reception system every future-oriented building needs.

Looking for the right touchscreen solution?

We enjoy brainstorming with you. Our process ensures that you ultimately see the proper touchscreen implementation at your company, office, or retail property. We offer support from concept to realization of your touchscreen installation.

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