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Sustainable Signage: A sustainable solution

Already heard of our new sustainable digital signage solution?

Green, sustainable and environmentally friendly are terms that apply to most modern companies today. Saving energy and working paperless are the first logical steps towards creating a 'green' office. Digital signage can replace most, if not all paper communication in an organization. Constantly printing things out on paper and distributing them causes a considerable amount of pollution and costs a lot of money. What’s more, many of the documents produced this way are not even used or stored. Since there is a cleaner, cheaper alternative available, it only makes sense to make use of it.

Digital signage communicates whatever you want to whomever you want wherever your audience is, and it does that in a repeating loop. This substantially improves communication and the flow of information. It significantly reduces the need for printed material and for people waisting their precious time to distribute those printouts, which often end up in the wastebasket.

Digital Signage helps your organization become more sustainable and improves communication. However, standard digital signage displays are not always the right solution, due to their underlying LCD technology. E-ink displays are the more suitable option when static information is preferred over moving images.

Sustainable Signage uses durable, wireless E-ink displays. These displays focus on static images without lots of animations. Think of information such as signage, nameplates, room reservations, train times and menu boards.

E-ink display



Unlike LCD displays, E-ink displays can display an image and leave it on the screen without using any extra power, even when all power sources are removed. This is also called bistability. E-ink displays only use power when something changes on the screen. Because of the bistability and low power consumption, our E-ink displays are 99% more energy efficient than LCDs or LEDs and have a battery life of 3 months. The larger the E-ink display is, the more power can be saved compared to the similar sized LCD display.

This functionality has practical applications that extend beyond e-readers. For example, bus and train station signs, digital nameplates and signage are good examples of possible use cases for E-ink displays.


Always readable

E-ink displays are called "reflective displays". This is because they use ambient light to display their content, unlike LCD displays, which use backlight.

The light of the environment reflects from the screen onto your eyes. Just like with any reflective surface, the stronger the ambient light is, the brighter the screen looks. This feature essentially mimics traditional ink and paper. It ensures perfect legibility, day and night, in the sun or under artificial lighting, from any angle and without reflection.



Sustainable Signage E-ink displays are wireless, easy to install and have a battery life of 3 months. Thanks to our user-friendly cloud content management system, the content is always up to date and can be changed from a single location with one click.

E-ink meeting room display

Is your company looking for a sustainable digital signage solution, which is suitable for static information? If so, feel free to visit SustainableSignage to find out more about this type of digital signage solutions. Provide visitors with different types of content, such as signage, nameplates, room reservations, train times and menu boards. Connect your organization with your audience!

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