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How our property management software improved SECOYA's performance


"Everything in our buildings has to be at the highest service level. We’ve managed to achieve this level with the help of PropCentral. Managing everything is so simple now and most important; at one digital platform! Tenants are delighted with its features."
Maike van der Weijden, Cushman & Wakefield, Hospitality Manager SECOYA



SECOYA is a corporate campus inspired by nature in order to create a positive, healthy work environment that encourages creativity and productivity and promotes personal and professional growth. Secoya is located at Papendorp, Utrecht's business park, which is a lively area where many successful companies are located. It is situated in the central area of Randstad, close to the highway, with a sloping park-like landscape. It is an ideal place to grow your business.


The challenge

Our partner SECOYA understands the importance of a modern way of communicating and that interaction with tenants is the key to a smarter office building. In addition, there are certain legislative procedures that make visitor and tenant registration a mandatory process. SECOYA wanted to resolve these matters as quickly and efficiently as possible.

SECOYA has never used a property management system before, but didn't fail to see the benefits that this type of software has to offer. The main goal was to find an appropriate solution that would improve communication between landlords, tenants and visitors.


The process

Due to our experience in property management software development, we understand all too well that excellent communication a necessary prerequisite to ensure smooth property management. Nevertheless, communication between owners, managers, hospitality managers, service providers, tenants and visitors is not always an easy task.

The 'white label' version of our Hospitality Management Software PropCentral offered SECOYA the perfect solution. In coordination with Cushman & Wakefield, who are in charge of the management of the commercial building, we managed to create a custom property management solution, where activation and branding of Secoya Talk are the key points.


A blend of modern technologies that eliminate barriers

This resulted in a new integrated platform for SECOYA, consisting of a web-based dashboard for administrators and a native iOS and Android app for the office users. The Secoya Talk app serves as a mobile hospitality assistant. For example, users can book work and meeting rooms and order catering directly from the app. In addition, the Secoya Talk app offers the option to report service tickets when something is broken or not functioning on the Secoya Campus. In short, the app removes the communication barriers and allows tenants to connect quickly and efficiently.


A smart way of visitor registration

Entree of Parking Reservations Secoya Case Study

With the Secoya Talk app, visitors can easily reserve a parking space.


Premium features for an optimal experience

To increase the visitor experience even more and to serve visitors even better, we expanded the platform with digital signage, such as wayfinding and digital reception features, which are fully integrated into the property management system. All visitors are welcomed with the help of the digital reception, where they are able to check-in by themselves and navigate the premises using digital signage.


The touchscreen kiosk ensures that visitors are guided at all times.


The result

An integrated software solution, a mix of technology, design, digital signage, wayfinding and a modern mobile app, which gave a lot of community power to tenants and asset managers. In addition, the problem with visitor registration was resolved by using modern technologies. Our property management solution significantly improved Secoya's communication and customer satisfaction.

The launch of the Secoya Talk platform was accompanied with a special campaign - Let's Talk. This campaign resulted in more than 500 registrations on the initial day of its launch at the corporate campus.


The benefits of our property management software PropCentral:

  • Everything seamlessly integrated in a single platform
  • Facilitates communication
  • Overall increase in customer satisfaction
  • Message alerts, which employees can use to contact each other
  • Staff updates can be sent directly by administrators to all users
  • Group-specific messages about room reservations, events or meetings.


PropCentral comes with the following features:

  • One-click check-in at the reception
  • Self check-in
  • Orders at the company restaurant, catering
  • Maintenance and support tickets
  • Document library
  • Community platform
  • Park reservations
  • Automatic number plate recognition and parking control
  • Automatic visitor welcoming and digital signage with a touchscreen kiosk


Are you looking for a modern property management system with the smartest features?

Or are you perhaps looking for an efficient way to make the communication of your property smarter? Our property management software will optimize your communication and building management capabilities. To find out more, please visit PropCentral or contact us directly!