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Jul 29.

How narrowcasting attracts

Every company has its visitors. Whether you’re a restaurant, a store, a hotel or an office building, people are visiting you. And, you probably have enough information you want to provide your visitors with. You may, for example, want to make certain announcements, show offers, share information about your company, display news items, play videos, etcetera. But how do you make sure you convey information in an attractive way? How do you make sure it really sticks with your visitors?

With narrowcasting, also known as digital signage, you decide what message you share with your visitors, with what audience and at what moment. Whether you have one screen or multiple screens, you manage them from one central system. You can anticipate different situations and adjust the content accordingly.

The benefits

Among other things, digital signage has such positive feedback because its content is always relevant and up to date. It is evident that static, printed information boards are not easily updated and replaced. As a result, it often occurs that outdated and irrelevant information is displayed to visitors. With digital signage, content is adjusted quickly and information is always up to date. This improves visitor satisfaction; they receive information that is actually usable.

In addition, digital signage is much more attractive and dynamic than analogue signage. With endless layout options (that can be adjusted to the public), your information screens are much more likely to attract attention. Digital signage provokes people to watch and, optionally, act. You engage your visitors in a fun and playful way, for example by playing videos or adding animations. Within narrowcasting, you can choose from a number of apps that are connected to the screens through the web. Think of Twitter, Youtube, news apps, etcetera. Just after news has been put out to the world, it is already hanging in your hallway.

We’ve quickly mentioned it before, but it is evident that every audience appreciates different information. With digital signage, you can simply set which message is shared at what moment. You may want to make an important announcement to your employees at a certain moment of the day, or on a certain part of the screens, and want to share general company information with your visitors on another moment of the day or on another part of your screens. Or, you might have different target groups during the day, and would like to point out a certain offer to one target group, and another offer to another target group. Narrowcasting allows you to create playlists and set time for different content. Different groups of content are played in the desired order. You set up the playlist, play it at a given moment and you don’t have to worry about your content for the rest of the day (or week)! With narrowcasting, you can change course at any time of the day and add a fresh load of information to your screens!

Get in touch

Always relevant, attractive and up to date. That’s what narrowcasting is. Are you excited to implement digital signage in your company? Get in touch with one of our experts. We have over ten years of experience in developing narrowcasting solutions, and adjust them to your needs. We would love to assist you!

Kia Groeneveld