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Jan 10.

Happy New Year!

On behalf of Future Forward, best wishes for 2022! Together with you, we are looking back on 2021, and forward to this new year.

2021 was all about saying goodbye. Saying goodbye in order to focus more on the things we are good at, to further specialise and professionalise and to further develop our interactive signage. Saying goodbye also means accepting losses and parting with people that no longer match our vision and strategy. As said sometimes, Kill your own darlings.

2021 was also a year of progress. We expanded our Smart Wayfinding Platform, which now enables us to digitise and manage all signage from one system. Thus Smart Wayfinding has become widely deployable. We also expanded our marketing and REACT team and introduced new procedures. We focused on creating a playground, a learning environment for new programming talent. This resulted in numerous successes, such as Podsetnik za lek (the Pill app, that reminds you to take your medicine) and Moj trening (the Strong app, that helps you with exercising).

At the end of last year, we moved to a new office in Nis, Serbia, because we were outgrowing our business. Future Forward Serbia celebrated its tenth birthday at this new location. We reached more and more international clients such as Interventure, Brandsign and Geomerbiro. Besides that, we have been given the opportunity to do great projects for clients in the Netherlands as well, including Jan Snel, Allport and Provada. These are all clients we are proud of and enjoy working with.

We showed that as a team, we are able to respond to quickly changing situations. The corona crisis has challenged all of us. With our new product, the QR code scanning pillar, we can be of support in the often unpopular task of checking admission tickets. The pillar or screen scans QR codes and validates them. Since new measures were introduced, the need for automation has increased.

In short, we have grown significantly, have been reflective and have kept the future in mind. It is very nice to see how our colleagues are developing, and enjoy contributing to and growing with Future Forward.

When we take a look through our binoculars, we see a year of quiet growth. Perhaps we can even talk about consolidation. We will stand still in order to make progress internally. We choose quality over quantity, and will always keep the future in mind. We will focus on improving the working sphere and attracting new talent. We would like to create a learning environment that enables us to turn educated and passionate individuals into developers quickly and efficiently.

Besides that, we are planning to partner with a few new companies and further expand our sales network, both within and beyond the borders of the Netherlands and Serbia. We would like to introduce our products to multiple partners and focus on selling products from our interactive signage platform. Lastly, we want to prioritize expanding and professionalizing our supportdesk, so that we can serve our clients even faster and more efficiently.

The marketing and content team will further focus on our product sites and here too, good communication will make sure you will hear from us more.

We wish you a happy and healthy 2022!

Kia Groeneveld