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May 19.

Digital Reception: a warm welcome

Digital Reception was primarily developed to offer extra assistance to visitors and clients and take over (part of) the receptionist's repetitive tasks. An important part of this is inviting and warmly welcoming visitors and clients, and managing visitor registration. This task can be fully covered by Digital Reception. It is important to mention that Digital Reception is a scalable solution that could work for buildings and companies of any size. You might have a hard time imagining how it functions in reality. We are happy to explain.

You, as a host, have made an appointment with a client. The first step is adding an appointment to your Outlook or Gmail agenda, and adding your guest’s e-mail address. Your guest will automatically receive an invitation e-mail with a unique QR-code. On the day of the appointment, your guest will scan the QR-code at the registration kiosk after arrival. Digital Reception will automatically inform the host about the guest’s arrival through e-mail. Deliverers obviously do not need a QR-code to drop off packages. They simply register packages at the kiosk, and the relevant company will be notified automatically about the delivery. After scanning the QR-code, your guest is registered and your visitor list is automatically updated. In case of emergencies, you will always have an up-to-date attendee list at hand. If the client or visitor needs any extra information (i.e. directional instructions), Digital Reception will be at their service. All relevant information can be found on the reception kiosk. When leaving the building, the client or visitor simply scans the same QR-code to check out. In this way they will automatically be removed from the visitor list. Visitor registration is now managed digitally and automatically.

The entire process, from invitation to departure can thus be covered by Digital Reception! Previously, clients and visitors were welcomed, registered and guided by a physical receptionist. This precious time can now be used for other tasks! Would you like to discover more about your potentially new digital assistant? Visit the website or contact us.

Kia Groeneveld