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Internal Communication Mobile App: Empowering SPIE's Employee Engagement

Our Tailored Mobile App

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Revolutionizing Internal Communication at SPIE Netherlands

In the rapidly evolving corporate landscape, efficient internal communication plays a pivotal role in driving a company's success and productivity. SPIE Netherlands, boasting a vast workforce of 5,000 employees, recognized the significance of fostering meaningful engagement with their team. Our expertise came into play to address this need.

Understanding the Challenge

SPIE approached us, a leading software development company, to create an enterprise mobile application that would revolutionize their internal communication process. They needed a solution that could deliver relevant information across various departments, enhance safety protocols, boost sales, and foster seamless communication among employees.

Crafting the Solution

Our team of experts embarked on crafting a custom mobile app that would cater to SPIE's unique needs. The goal was to create an intuitive and feature-rich platform that could become the go-to tool for employees to stay connected and informed.

Seamless User Experience

To optimize user experience, we strategically developed the app for all major mobile platforms, namely Android, iOS, and Windows mobile. By employing react-native & winjs, we ensured a seamless performance akin to native code on each platform, delivering a harmonious and reliable experience to users.

Empowering Communication

Our app offered a range of communication features, including news updates, push notifications, and polls. Employees could easily customize their app experience, receive direct messages, and provide valuable feedback. This two-way communication fostered a stronger sense of community within the company.

Ensuring Security and Reliability

As a company dealing with sensitive data, SPIE prioritized security. We integrated the app with their Active Directory, ensuring that all information was securely managed and stored. Our app met the highest standards of enterprise security, providing peace of mind to both the company and its employees.

Success and Impact

Following the app's launch, SPIE witnessed overwhelming success. Within just one week, the app had been downloaded more than 4,500 times. The positive feedback from employees highlighted its effectiveness in facilitating internal communication and engagement.

Embracing Future Opportunities

As technology continues to evolve, we stay committed to supporting SPIE's growth and success. Our app's versatility allows for future updates and improvements to meet their changing needs. We are dedicated to providing ongoing support and refining the app to keep it at the forefront of internal communication solutions.


At the heart of every successful company lies effective internal communication. SPIE's collaboration with us to create a tailor-made mobile app has demonstrated the immense impact of investing in employee engagement. Our commitment to crafting cutting-edge software solutions remains steadfast, empowering businesses to flourish in the digital era.

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1. Can the app be accessed on various mobile platforms?
Indeed! Our app is readily accessible on Android, iOS, and Windows mobile platforms, ensuring utmost compatibility and ease for all employees.

2. How does the app ensure data security?
The app is designed with the highest standards of enterprise security in mind. It integrates with SPIE's Active Directory to securely manage and store all data.

3. Can employees customize their app experience?
Yes, employees have the flexibility to customize the app to suit their preferences, receive personalized notifications, and participate in polls and feedback.

4. Is ongoing support provided for the app?
As dedicated tech partners, we are committed to providing ongoing support and updates to ensure the app's continued success and relevance.

5. Can the app accommodate future updates?
Absolutely! The app's versatility allows for seamless integration of future updates and improvements to meet SPIE's evolving needs.

An enterprise mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile

Year: 2015
Categories: Mobile application, Server

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