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Maptomize - indoor maps touch application

Indoor location and information. Pass it to your smartphone and walk away form the attractive touchscreen. Maptomize.

Maps, maps, everywhere. Your traffic navigation has maps, google has maps, apple has maps (fixed), but...

What about indoor maps?

But no indoor maps or navigation, well at least before Maptomize. 

Maptomize is a solution installed on a big touchscreen, creating a beautiful map for indoor locations.
Could be an event like an expo for our PB (link to portfolio needed) partners, could be a shop like we have built for our Ikea client, if you need an indoor map, Maptomize solves it.

Features list includes:

  • Easy to use backend
  • Add floors
  • Add markers
  • View statistics
  • Mobile version
  • Share to mobile feature - walk away form the screen
  • Analytics of the usage

Maptomize ikea

Maptomize PB

Started in 2013 as a flash app, migrated to a much more powerful technology in 2015. Easy customization  for each client.

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Maptomize - indoor maps touch application