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IKEA Maptomize customized for the great store

IKEA - Mockup IKEA - Maptomize for IKEA screenshot 1 IKEA - Maptomize for IKEA screenshot 2 IKEA - Maptomize for IKEA screenshot 3 IKEA - slider 4 min2 IKEA - slider 5 min2 IKEA - slider 6 min2

You know IKEA, the great store? They recognized indoor location as important a long time ago but more with technology progress and digital signage. They made a request for us to transform their signage.

We turned the old wayfinding board (left) into a digital solution (right)ikea traditional signageikea7 yep

Styled with IKEA in mind the application is installed on 3 large 42 inch touch screens spread over the store in Barendrecht, the Netherlands. It is intriguing IKEA shoppers to approach and look for where in the IKEA maze you can lookup the needed items.

You can browse the catalog, special offers or just pass the whole thing to your phone so you can walk away from the large touchscreen.

The app is providing the necessary information to users, but it is recording what people search for in the store, so it supports the store by statistics and analytics.

Ikea store maptomize - find your way through the store

Year: 2015
Categories: Touchscreen, Mobile, Maptomize

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