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Custom made software solutions We bespoke for you

Our clients are great people. You understand that running business today needs to be smart. You have a need to make it smarter. That is where we enter the picture.

So let's talk about your line of business and analyse it together. Let's set our minds into your business, think, approach, plan, all from different expertises that we have. Let us extend your team.

From our experience, usually, a move to a smarter business is better software, whether it is an innovation or 'just' the digitalization of an analog process.

But where is the opportunity part for you?

Well if you had a problem and we fixed it together, it is highly likely that this problem is branch or niche related problem and that you can resell it in your branch. That is why we offer Saas besides a 'normal' software.


The 'Software as a Service' or short SaaS is what we are specialised at. Using different development techniques, whether it is a monumental application or a microservice architecture, we are ready and already proven at it. In other words what we make for you, you can reuse and resell it to your peers or 'competitors'.


The examples below speak for themselves and these are just some, check our portfolio for more or when convinced contact us.

Castit - interactive digital signage platform

Castit - is the answer to the modern communication with the crowds.

Maptomize - indoor maps touch application

Maps, maps, everywhere. Your traffic navigation has maps, google has maps, apple has maps (fixed), but...

Nameboards touchscreen application

List everything that is important for your visitors to find - by a starting letter.

Hospitality Manager - manage tenants & visitors easily

You are a building owner. You have tenants renting. You need to catch up with the latest technology and involve your tenants. You need a building management software

A great tool for city marketing

So what is CityDotz?